Her Memoir, Her Story Shared for the Glory of God


A History Maker

Author pens down the story of her life to inspire others and to let them realize that God is always here

Kings Park, NY (January 15, 2014) – Author Laurie Ornstein hadn’t had it easy, but she had toughed through everything she faced because she had God at her side. In this personal memoir, A History Maker, she writes her heart out – unveiling the fullness of her soul – to encourage everyone else to trust and never lose faith in God.

This book is about the author’s relationship with God and His relationship with her. She has found it comforting that God never leaves anyone in times of trouble. He is just right there through good times – and even the not so good times. She also finds it interesting how God helped her to interweave the themes of love, encouragement, inspiration, and gratitude into this book.

The author used her autobiography as a springboard to glorify God. She had an extremely difficult life, had to face many formidable obstacles; but God was right there every single time, helping her through the struggle, bringing her out victoriously on the other side. She covers a lot of topics in this short, page-turning book, including her surgeries from a very young age, to her heartaches and heartbreaks from love lost, and to a variety of subjects in between.

This book can be purchased at www.laurieornstein.com.

Laurie Ornstein

Even though Laurie Ornstein must use a wheelchair all day every day, it does not stop her from living a full life. She is almost never home. She goes out to the malls, restaurants, the church, and Christian coffee house where she and her friends gather and meet and socialize. She also goes to Bible study. She is a persistent and a persevering person. Her motto is “Quitters never win; winners never quit.” She is a winner.

Laurie Ornstein was born and raised on Long Island, New York, to a wonderful Jewish family. Sixteen years ago, Laurie received Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. She has had dystonia, a neuromuscular condition, for over forty years. This condition has presented Laurie with many formidable challenges, and with God’s help, she shares her inspirational story with you.

A History Maker
By Laurie Ornstein
Publication Date: 2012
Paperback: $11.95; 108 pages; ISBN 978-1-44973-780-1

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