Finding the Missing “Peace” in the Puzzle True Love Relationships


Washington, DC (January 15, 2014) – When does love become truly intimate? In author Terrence Richburg’s debut book, he endeavors to shed new light on the true power of love and intimacy in contemporary life situations.  Intimacy: Missing “Peace” in the Puzzle of True Love & Close Relationships welcomes readers to explore with a fresh and new perspective.  It draws heavily upon the author’s own personal and professional life experiences, the spiritual foundation and emotional inspiration of the Bible, and the inherent power of heartfelt lyrics of songs Richburg has composed.  These insightful pages offer a profound vision of the deep intimate nature of close human relationships.

Intimacy: Missing “Peace” in the Puzzle of True Love & Close Relationships

The author approaches the often baffling topics of love and intimacy with a unique twist. Through an array of short stories, poetic prose, heart-engaging songs, and corroborative essays, he probes the many dimensions of love and intimacy experienced in human and spiritual life situations.  Readers are not only invited to be witnesses to the extraordinary findings, but also to become inspired participants and inspirational proponents of the mysteries now unveiled.

This book illuminates some common yet profound truths as to what “intimacy” is, and also what it is not. It’s about family, love, and romance.  It is an invitation extended to all to enter the world of Intimacy at their own risk—they may just find exactly what they’re looking for, or they might just find precisely what they really weren’t expecting.

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About the Author

Terrence Duane Richburg, Sr., an up-and-coming, contemporary Christian writer and author, is best known for his prolific talents in the music industry, specifically as an accomplished producer, arranger, composer, musician, and Gospel Jazz recording artist.  He is the founder and CEO of RichEscape Music, and a gifted poet and freelance writer. He is well sought after as an industry authority and resource for all things Gospel Jazz.

Intimacy: Missing “Peace” in the Puzzle of True Love and Close Relationships
By Terrence Richburg
Publication Date: June 18, 2013
Paperback: $23.99; 461 pages; ISBN: 978-1-4568-1381-9

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