The hard truth is, no one knows but Google when the next algorithm update will occur; however, there are things you and I can do that can prepare us for the next shift. If you don’t want to study Google algorithms simply hire marketing experts from Internet Marketing Team. As most online seekers know, Google often makes its anticipated moves clear when it is about to release a major shift in its algorithms. They even go so far as to create and publish videos titled, “Frequently Asked Questions” in order to help answer questions. So, those of us who are working hard online, get a “heads up” before something major happens. So, planning ahead can help prepare us for what is coming. Planning ahead can include making a checklist to ensure that changes are well known and documented, tracked and able to be activated in a timely manner.

Topics and questions to keep in mind might be:

• Will the update involve changes to the front-end design or the back-end technical aspects of the site, or both?
• If both occur, will the developers and designers and IT staff be ready with updates, infrastructure, and other elements, so that the updates occur as smooth as possible?
• What can you and I learn from similar past changes? Do you see a trend toward a certain kind of result? And, how can your site be altered so you can take advantage of the change?

Most importantly, while the update is going on try not to panic. This is a timely and good opportunity to look at the past as an indication of where your site was in ranking and traffic before the update. What this means for you and me is that it is a good time to look at areas like Traffic by referrer, Traffic by device, Time on site, Where your site ranks, Conversion goals completed, Revenue and Bounce Rate. Some think that all of the aforementioned have nothing to do with algorithm update but this is simply not true. For example, if your site all of a sudden ranks for a product or service you no longer carry but have a page for, this can quickly change your numbers and cause high anxiety, especially if you are not prepared.

It is also good to see how your competition is doing and where they are ranking before and during the update. Be especially alert to current search engine news and update channels for insights on potential problems encountered by website owners and especially what is being done to take care of those problems. Then, once things have settled down, you will probably want to make one or two small adjustments to see how the algorithm changes have affected your customers and how they locate and interact with your site.

Most importantly, there are seven tools that can help you stay current and up to date with SEO changes. One tool is the Google Webmaster YouTube Channel. This YouTube channel has what you need to help you stay up to date with the many Google changes that occur throughout the year. Moz’ Google Algorithm Change History site is known as “the” place to go; it records all the major Google changes over the course of the last 15 years. This wonderful resource will show you the changes that have been verified by Google. Be sure to bookmark this one! Another site to bookmark is Google or HubSpot Analytics. When search engines make shifts to their algorithms, you need to know how it is affecting your ability to drive business through your website.

Moz’s Feature Graph is another tool that will help you stay current and up-to-date. This feature graph reports on the frequency of specific features that show up with the SERPs. Different features that Google puts out can impact how your business is presented in the search results. This tool will not only keep you up to date with changes that happen with SEO; it will also help you see if there are certain presentations your organization can use to increase your real-time visibility.

The benefits of algorithms are various; they provide an insight in problem-solving, improves efficiency and provide clarity. Clarity is especially important because if one is not aware of what was performed, it is unlikely that he or she will know what went wrong. It seems that the only negative to algorithm is that it takes a lot of time and some think that it also is a waste of resources.