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Interesting News, Articles and Tidbits for Self-Published Authors

Every author needs the impetus to keep going and keep writing a manuscript. As a writer, you’ve got to show a bounce of every single vital writing necessitate in order to accomplish a page and pages until you realize you are ready for publishing your book. In parallel with the high mount of self-publishing industry, the competition among publishing companies towards offering self-publishing services has also heightened.

According to Bob Young, CEO of Lulu Publishing, self-publishing is a well-known and respected industry with the potential to make careers and influence the broader culture of publishing and proving that statement was his presentation of data. He points out that Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James has topped among the best selling e-books when it came out in 2012. The author self-published the book through Writer’s Coffee Shop, an independent publishing house in New South Wales, Australia. Then there’s a gross of $2 million gained by Amanda Hocking, who has authored top selling e-books about vampires and zombies. The author has become a best-selling author on Amazon before signing a widely reported multimillion-dollar deal with St. Martin’s Press.

On top of a rapid timeline in self-publishing industry, you as an author, decide when your book is ready to be out in the market. Take a look at Holly Robinson’s way of self-publishing her book, “Sleeping Tigers.” She claims to have her manuscript handled in around six weeks in self-publishing. You choose the best agents or book sellers to partner with.

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