Bold Venture by James Exparza


About the book: Mark Williams must go through an agonizing and totally unexpected divorce. Quitting his job and moving back to his birth home in Buffalo Gap, South Dakota, he must resolve his divorce, and his infatuation with Alice, a beautiful Vice-principal of the local school. Alice’s background, which is part Native American Sioux, adds […]

Tarnished Brass Curtain Trailer


Tarnished Brass Curtain Tarnished Brass Curtain explores the sibling themes of conscience and responsibility. The thoughts of two men –one, young, innocent and practical; the other, older, experienced, and unrealistally idealistic—are examined. In the frame of the present, the main story deals with US Nay Senior Chief DAN LEVIN, His relationship with the Navy, his […]

Promote Your Book through Book Trailer Service


Selling your book is never a walk in the park. It entails hardwork, and above all, creativity. Nothing beats a creative mind. If you want your book to sell, you’ll have to do more than just sticking with what’s traditional so you can fare in the self-publishing industry better than other authors. This industry is […]

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