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Guidelines in guest posting at self-publishing resources

write for us: self-publishing resources

So, ready to post your own blog at our self-publishing resources page? Perhaps, there are a lot of things you want to talk about your book that you know can surely interest the reading public. There are millions and billions of people who have been waiting to hear you.

Before going farther, you might check these tips out so your guest posting with us can be as perfect as it can be.

What to Consider?

  • Be guided with the topics posted on the page. Ideas, formats, and topics that should be discussed are well-presented and these should be followed by all guest bloggers.
  • Be creative. You can’t just be like any bloggers but you must be somebody writing a distinctive yet related self-publishing subject matter.
  • Know yourself better. It will surely create a good result of your guest blogging when you talk with confidence about what you certainly know about self-publishing and its impact on your own manuscript.
  • Your ideas should be of help for the others who, like you, have been searching for helpful spotlight about writing.
  • Originality matters. It does matter that your content should be original and like any other websites, we want the same. Your content should have not been published elsewhere before we can consider publishing it on our site.
  • Engage other writers and readers to write. Your articles should be persuasive that when I read it; you are sure I will internalize what you are talking about and should be able to move myself into doing what you suggest.
  • Use interesting means to persuade the readers. English literature is so broad that a wide variety of helpful materials can be so helpful for you. Choose a distinctive language that you think can help the readers read on.
  • Your topic should be only related to writing and self-publishing before we can consider it.
  • Be succinct. The readers will more love your work when you make sure you are not misleading them.

What not to DO?

  • No selling please. Our self-publishing resource page is open for all aspiring and experienced writers to expose themselves or their books but selling on this page is another issue.
  • Use of insulting words to express one’s opinions is highly prohibited. We love to hear your thoughts but let us also respect one another.
  • Anticipate to profit from guest blogging. Through writing for us, you can get exposure for yourself as a writer and your book but we do not pay your content.

To become a book author doesn’t happen to all people. When it happens to you; then you must be so lucky because not all people can write a book. However, to write and get the book done is always not enough for someone to be called, AUTHOR. So, start doing what it takes for you to be called one. Start writing and begin it with us.

Here are some major benefits of guest blogging:

  • You can create quality backlinks.
  • You can build your online influence.
  • You can increase traffic to your site/blog.
  • You will get to know more like minded bloggers.
  • You will get more exposure in the blogsphere.

If you have any question please head to our contact us page.

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