Bold Venture by James Exparza


About the book:

Mark Williams must go through an agonizing and totally unexpected divorce. Quitting his job and moving back to his birth home in Buffalo Gap, South Dakota, he must resolve his divorce, and his infatuation with Alice, a beautiful Vice-principal of the local school. Alice’s background, which is part Native American Sioux, adds consternation to the story. Mary, his first wife, is portrayed as a selfish, carousing individual who loses all. The relationship between Mark and Alice adds romance, conflict, and comedy. Dennis, the youngest son, continually adds embarrassment to Mark, Alice, and himself. Mark eventually finds himself in an enviable position, which will enable him to develop his hybrid Bison-blend cattle.

About the author:

As a small boy, James learned to fend for himself, having come from a large family of ten children and during a time of hardship for America.  Fatherless at age three, he learned to explore and conquer his very being on his own without a father figure to guide him.  He educated himself in ways to always have money in his pocket and enjoy life.  James paid his tuition through high school and college and as a result placed a high premium on education, which he also instilled in his three children.  He has earned his Master of Clinical Social Work and Master of Arts Theology. His early foundational years carved a fiercely independent thinker as well as a self sufficient individual.  He is a complete authentic person and portrays that characteristic in the protagonists about whom he writes.  His metaphor for life has always been, “Never say I can’t do it.”  His experiences have helped shape him into whom he is today.  He is excellent in detailing different stories in attention-grabbing methods.  His style of writing reflects his independence and life’s experiences that only come with embracing life full speed ahead.  His writings are authentic and compelling and his manner of writing and his choice and combination of words are deliberately used not only for the neophyte but also for the advanced reader as well.  He writes convincingly and without reservation.  He engages his readers at any level to become involved in a theological dissertation, a romance, or biblical fiction.   Readers can easily gain insights into the very being about whom he writes.  As an accomplished watercolor artist, not only does he know how to paint a picture but he also writes with a colorful combination of words which animate his stores in your mind.  You will not be disappointed.

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