How much books are influential in increasing different skills


Books are indeed influential in many ways in increasing and building diverse skills, but to rely only on books and not practice and empirical studies would indeed be inane and inadvisable. For one thing, there are many books that offer practical advice and guidance on many issues on earth, ranging from self-discipline, religion, healthcare and medical guidelines, diet and exercise and also books on self-improvement that could make one a better person.

But the main issue is that books by themselves could be well short of increasing different skill sets, since what is provided in books must be practically carried out and executed. For instance, a book may require spending at least 45 minutes each day for bodily exercises. This can only increase health and well-being if the reader follows instructions and exercises at least 45 minutes each day. Books on technical subjects may require practical experiments and demonstrations and if this needs to be carried out effectively and the prescribed manner to gain the full benefits of reading books

Thus, books are influential only to the extent that they provide a solid roadmap for increasing different skill sets, but the hard work has to done by the readers themselves in order to inculcate the lessons taught by books into their works and daily lives. By themselves, books fail to offer any practical solutions for learning and gaining any kind of skill sets, until and unless they are fully and well-practiced to the best of readers’ abilities and competencies.

Another aspect about the usefulness of books to teach new skills is that books could really help in providing basic skills. Books on cookery and cuisines could help readers learn and prepare new and exotic dishes, books on carpentry could better wood crafts, and reading books on medicine could allow us to take better care of our health and well-being.

But this is not really enough in that it is also important that what is read in books is also practically implemented. We need to cook out the new recipes, build the new furniture and exercise daily to improve health and well-being. Just reading books will not solve any problems or increase skill sets- the theoretical knowledge would have to be put into active practice, in order that the real effects of reading books are gained and received.

Another major aspect is in terms of the degree of trust, faith and reliance that readers have on their books. If the attitude and approach is of skepticism, doubt or apprehensions, that it is quite possible that no benefits would accrue, no matter how hard we try, but if the attitude is open minded, inviting and full of confidence, trust and reliability, then most certainly, major and even incredible good results would inure. Positive minds breed positive results. Our attitudes and perceptions do impact and influence the results of our actions, and positive, healthy and constructive attitude do bring best results for all.

Books help in increasing skill sets in limited ways. While it serves as a good roadmap worthy of emulation, the theories of books need to be put in effective and sound practice to reap rich harvests in developing and nurturing skill sets. That said, not reading books can also be unproductive since we then do not even have theoretical basis for improving skill sets.

The full benefits of books can only be gained when these are put into active practice for individual and common good.

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