Road to Eternal Life by Dr. Quinton B. Richmond


About the Book:

This book was written to help all born-again Christians to believe that Eternal Life begins in our present life on earth and continue on into the World of Eternity. It is designed to impress on the minds of all humankind that those who are considered their enemies, will respond and repay them in kindness as a friend. Accordingly, the chosen subject, The Road to Eternal Life, was selected in order to broaden my knowledge and understanding of Christian believer’s concepts as to why Eternal Life can be lived in our present day journey on earth, and it is a viable truth in God’s plan of salvation. Also, this research is devoted to find out what concepts theories, and beliefs already exist in this area. In addition, my goal was to read and understand the history why Jesus Christ’s teachings’ are the Way, the Truth, and Everlasting Life for all who repent of sins and believe His Gospel. In addition, my purpose is with the intent to gain a new perspective and pursue efforts to add new thoughts and ideas and to strengthen prior ones in relation to the Kingdom of God which concerns the future and the End of Time. Furthermore, to pursue efforts in detailed reviews of other book data that contain ideas, concepts, and key theories of biblical opinions of God’s Eternal Life Plan… Then analyze and evaluate these sources information and evidence used in their conclusion. Likewise, consider the values of other source ideas, theories, concepts, practices that are useful in today’s religious culture. Similarly, there is the desire to pursue creative innovations efforts which set forth new theories never before revealed on the subject of Eternal Life. In addition, my efforts are directed to provide accepted meaning, and strength, and theories that already exist. Likewise, the primary design of this research is: (1). to determine what claims are made by major sources in traditional work, (2). to determine if these prior sources actually report viable data, and evaluate and assess the validity of their arguments given for rejection/acceptance of Eternal Life, (3). to determine what ideas, theories, and practices are based on inductive and deductive practices.

About the Author:

In academic accomplishments, the author graduated at Southwestern Assembly of God University, Waxahachie, Texas with Bachelor of Art, and Bachelor of Theology degrees and earned second salutatorian in his class. Beyond this a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, and Doctor of Philosophy was earned at Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary at Newburgh, Indiana. Also, as a student was awarded distinction of Honor membership in the National Omicron-Psi Honor Society. In Addition attended Miami University in Oxford, OH with graduate credits and became a Certified Public Accountant of Ohio with membership in the American Institute of CPA’ S. The author was ordained into the ministry with the General Council of The Assemblies of God, Springfield, Missouri and has served as pastor of churches at South Buie, Texas and New Carlisle, Ohio. In addition held tent revivals in Dallas, and Forth Worth, Texas areas. Also, preached in Michigan churches and performed radio broadcast in Dallas, Texas. In addition, he founded a church in Dallas, Texas, which is a large church today. Moreover, the author has gained religious experience through lifetime learning and through conferences and fellowship with church leaderships, staffs, and pastors which have enriched and ensured a foundation in religious matters. Similarly, have written religious songs published in Stamps Baxter song book, titled Songs of Joy. And in the commercial world this writer was successful in business and owned a business operation in Public Accounting, Auditing and Tax practice and was Enrolled Agent qualified to practice before The Internal Revenue Service in Appellate and Tax Courts as a Certified Public Accountant in Ohio. Further, in regional listings this author was entered into Who’s Who in the Midwest, 15th editions 1976-1977; Book of Honor American Biographical Institute, Second edition 1981; Two Thousand Notable Americans, first edition 1983; Who’s Who in the World. 7th edition 1984, 1985; and in the National Register’s Who’s Who in Executive and Professionals, 2002 Edition. Further was issued a Certificate of Merit from The Small Business Association in 1977. Likewise, worked at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio as an Air Force Contract Negotiator for large weapon systems. And completed negotiations with large commercial producers which ranged in price from forty million dollars ($40,000,000) and upward. During my course of work in negotiating contract prices, incumbent received letters of commendation and appreciation from Brigadier General Robert T. Marsh, U.S. Air Force, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and Dayton, Ohio; and from Major General, U.S. Andrews Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.; and from Brigadier General Theodore S. Coberly, U. S. Air force, Washington, D.C. for professional knowledge and competence which helped make possible the smooth launching of the development of vitally needed electronic warfare equipment for combat services in World War II. Moreover, served in the U.S. Navy on the warship, CVE 92, USS WINDHAM BAY in the South Pacific war zone area in World War II.


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