The Impossible Texan by Muriel DeBuque


About the Book:

On the estate, Sarah Sommers lay in wait for her to come home after invading her dreams night after night. When Sara did go home, the ghost showed Sara where some of the treasure and a journal could be found. Trouble hit Sara right after moving to Austin. Finding herself pregnant, she didn’t know what to do. Jackie’s parents came to Sara’s rescue then and all though her life in Austin. There was mystery and murder in Sara’s life. Would she ever find out about the attempts on her life? After her quadruplets were born, she found herself bringing them up by herself only to have them turn against her. Did Sara ever find out that Steven was keeping up two households. She thought he gone so much because of all of those overseas flights. Little by little, her daughter Crystal was turning against her. The kids’ grandmother was behind all the misery Sara had, and finally her other children left to go to England, where Marcie and her children were. Whatever happened to her husband and children? Sara finds herself back on the estate without them.

About the Author:

The golden age can be a great second start for a writer’s life, Muriel DeBuque thought as she sat at her computer one quiet afternoon. Her first book, The Estate in the Woods, has a five-star rating on and has been distributed worldwide. She closed her manuscript The Impossible Texan in hopes that it will be on the market shortly. Muriel has been married to her husband, Loren, for the past fifty-seven years. They have lived in the same house in the same town all this time, and they have four children, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. As their children grew, their home filled with children from the town. They always knew there would be a pot of soup on the stove, a large pan of popcorn, and six-packs of Pepsi if they stopped in during the day or evening. And as her children grew up and left, so did all the children who had stopped in. Now her home is quiet but for the barking of their rat terrier, named Killer. She has written three novels and many short stories and poems. She put them into a box in the back of her closet. One quiet day, she pulled them out and read them. She thought about publishing them, and she sent the first one in. Muriel knew that of all that she has done over the years, it is her love of reading and writing poems, a family history book, short stories, and writing novels that she likes the most.

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