Self-Publishing VS Traditional [Infographic]


Self-Publishing VS Traditional

Self-Publishing differs from Traditional Publishing in so many ways. Main distinctions are based on the advantages and disadvantages of its every angle such as the cost, publishing time, control, and the profit.

Self-Publishing VS Traditional

Which is preferred by the authors these days: Traditional Book Publishing or Self-Publishing? Let me discuss the comparison of the two in every specific aspect.

5 Fundamental distinction

Period of Accomplishment

It may take years for a manuscript to become a book in the traditional publishing. This is due to the process where author has to mail publishing companies with a proposal for their book publishing that may be approved or rejected.

Self-publishing is quite too different as the author here can plainly have his book done in more or less six months because he becomes the publisher for his books.

Control over the process

With the traditional publishing, the author’s dream to have his book published can turn into frustration when a publishing house denies his request.

Self-publishing does the other way. An author has all the control of his book and the entire process of getting it a name in the reading market.


Being the self-publisher of your book means being an investor of your own business. So, you pay everything from printing the book or publishing it online, design, and advertising.

In contrary, you are paid by publishing houses when you opt for traditional way in publishing and only when your book will be approved for publication.


With self-publishing, you have all the control for your book from the content, design, and the way you want it to be marketed and where you want it be distributed. Traditional publishing on the other hand, can end you up in despair especially when a publisher has all the reasons and excuses if they don’t want to publish your book.


Going through the traditional way of publishing, you will receive from 5% to 15% royalty for each book sold when your contract is with a huge publishing house. With self-publishing, you can receive 50% to 200% profit as a self-published author.

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