The Essence of A Newswire Service


Few years ago, marketing a book was a job done by many publishers. Authors wrote books, publishers did the editing even printing and its marketing strategies. Today, with the advent of technology, you will be in charge for your own marketing to reach the peak of success.

However, with a huge competition for both readers and authors, different book marketing services is offered by many self-publishing companies. But if you’re looking for an easy and effective way to distribute your press releases directly into a large network of media, then get a newswire service. It is one of the major sources of information across the world. The internet helped some newswire companies to create global phenomenon for both authors and readers.

A newswire service helps spread the news stories to journalists, bloggers and especially to online sites. It plays a vital role in helping the media get news whether national or global, to their readers and viewers. It can leverage the popularity of your book by expanding its publicity reaching the hundreds if not thousands of potential readers and buyers.

Many newspapers, news channels or even news agencies that are looking for fresh news sometimes rely on the newswire service. These press releases will then be access by the journalists containing the information; reliable, to the point and states facts, that can be used in their article.

It will be released to different websites like Yahoo, Google, Bing and other news search engines. If you optimize your press release properly, this will result to the increase of SEO or higher chances of being top in search rankings. However, if your press release is not properly written or is not clearly identified, there will be a greater chance of rejection and reduction of search rankings.

Despite the benefits of a newswire service, what works for one author maybe a failure to another author.

Don’t be discouraged if it took time before your press release reached the market. Be persistent. Stick with the plan and keep plugging away.

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