Find the Right Self-Publishing Company Through Author Testimonials


An author’s work doesn’t end after finishing the manuscript. Actually, most of the job happens after the writing stage – marketing the book. Thus the influx of self-publishing companies. Nonetheless, with the rise of self-publishing companies, came along the surge of self-publishing scams. Not only do these fraudulent companies waste your money, time, and effort, they also lead you to envision a success only to crush it.

What better way to avoid getting scammed than to check the authenticity and reputation of any self-publishing company? One of the most effective ways to check a company’s background is through author testimonials. These do not only help you narrow down your choices to what company you should entrust your manuscript to, it also guides you in finding the perfect self-publishing company that will best cater your needs.

Most often than not, it is the company that proclaims how effective and reliable it is. Don’t get deceived by that. They should not be the one to talk. It should be the authors. In author testimonials, previous clients of the company share their experiences and, in detail or not, talk about how the company has helped them succeed. It also reflects how effective are the marketing strategies of the company and the reliability of their book marketing campaigns. It further convinces authors how cost-worthy and helpful are the wide variety of services the company offers. Through analysis of their testimonies, a potential client can weigh whether or not to transact with a company.

However, always see to it that these authors who testify to the efficacy of work of the company are real people. Do check their background and the books they say they wrote.

After reading the author testimonials, further test the reliability of the company through publishing subscriptions so you can study the different services offered and the outputs done by the company. Also, this is to check if what the authors say fit to what the company produces.

Remember, ones reputation is not built through words but through actions. These actions, when reflected through the success of their clients, are the best way to attract more clients. Be sure of your decision. Waste not your hard work. View author testimonials before you give in to any ‘compelling promise’ of success.

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