Best Fiction Books to Read in 2013

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When an author pens down his fertile imagination on pages, he makes alive all those characters, places, and events that stand fat chance to happen in real life. This is the beauty of a work of fiction. Such is the fad of this genre that most fiction books easily become best-sellers. The best fiction books are those that take you to the flights of fancy and let you see pie in the sky. Even if it is realistic, semi realistic, science, or historical fiction, we are fascinated by them equally well. Here, we have come up with a list of 10 best fiction books that you can read in 2013. Order them at the earliest with our online book store, LSNet and have a ball.

  1. The Sixth Man (By David Baldacci): The gripping story of Edgar Roy, a serial killer, takes the unexpected turn when Bergin, investigator in the case, is found murdered. Private investigatorsMichelle and Sean are hired by Roy’s lawyer. And when FBI also joins the case, it becomes clear that something fishy is definitely creeping there. One of the best fiction books for bibliophiles.
  2. Torn (By Amanda Hocking): Making difficult choices is not that easy and when Wendy Everly has to choose between her duty for motherland and her love, she opts for the later. While trying to fit the bill, her life starts playing games again when she is kidnapped by her native family’s enemies. But she escapes, not knowing that a new danger is laying waiting for her. Order it with us and we shall reach you with your copy within a week. Another piece of literature that comes under the category of the best fiction books.
  3. Jaal: Book I of the Kaal Trilogy (By Sangeeta Bahadur): Arihant is a powerful warrior who is blessed with heavenly powers and is deemed as both the savior as well as destroyer. He has to stop Aushij, a lord with power to shake the world with his his visualization. Read this epic fiction to know how Arihant. Equipped with a dagger only, deals with gods and other creatures on his journey and overcomes all obstacles.
  4. The Immortals of Meluha (Amish Tripathi): One of the best-sellers of 2011, this mythological fiction book is still going strong among the readers. It is a tale of Shiva, the revered Hindu God, who descends from the mountains to reach the kingdom of Meluha, a place where Suryavanshis live. Shiva has to save them from the devilish plans of Chadravanshis or Nagas. Shop the book at LSNet and get good discounts. One of the best fiction books that the lovers of mythology must read.
    1. The Mine (By Arnab Ray): A thrilling horror fiction book that brings out monstrosity in its most ugly form. This fiction book unfolds the story of miners who are having worst times of their life with nightmares plaguing them when they sleep. In day too, they are driven mad by the carvings of an underground dome. This is not all…An investigation into the things is followed by a hideous tale of events.
    2. The Woman in Black (By Susan Hill): Again one of the best fiction books that will titillate you to no end. The spine-chilling story of a young woman dressed in black is seen by Arthur Kipps. Arthur has arrived for attending the funeral ceremony of Mrs. Alice Drablow, but when he sees that creepy woman at the funeral, he realizes that there is more to than what meets the eye. Shop this book at LSNet and get the book delivered within a week at your doorstep.
    3. 11.22.63 (By Stephen King): A fiction novel that draws inspiration from history. An effort by the protagonist who tries to change the course of history and save JF Kennedy from his assignation. Gripping, eh? Jake Epping who is taken back to 50s and meets strange characters from past.
    4. The Forest of Stories (Book 1) (By Ashok K. Banker): The story of epic Mahabharata retold by Banker in his first series of book. This historical fiction starts by the arrival of Suta Pauranika who brings the news of death of the saint Vyasa to the ashram of Ugrarava. Here are also tales of Parshurama, Janamejaya, and the love story of Dushyant and Shakuntala.
    5. Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid (By Rick Riordan): The otherwise mundane lives of two brothers Carter and Sadie take an unexpected turn when an experiment by their father goes wrong and a devil called Set gets unleashed and captures their father. The two brothers must now save him from the doom or else, loose him forever.
    6. Embassytown (By China Mieville): Another name that comes under the category of the best fiction books is Embassytown, a tale of a traveler named Avice who has recently arrived on a strange planet Arieka. The communities of the planet communicate by means of a common language spoken by Ambassadors. A new Ambassador arrives there and then everything gets changed.

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