Self-Publishing Book Statistics [Infographic]


Self-Publishing Book Statistics

The survey conducted by Bowker Market Research shows that self-published eBooks account 12% of the whole market of digital publishing. When categories are downgraded to more specific genres, the percentage rises to 20%. Making it even more specific, statistics related to self-published books and the entire industry of self-publishing varies from country to country. Below is the statistical margin of self-published books in those countries self-publishing is highly adopted.

Self-publishing book can be a tough decision of any writer in the world. Yet the fact that many authors have found success through it is so engaging. There are always pros and cons on any action and that does not exclude self-publishing as a new evolution in the publishing industry. What matters in the end is the will for anyone to become published and enjoy the benefits of getting his/her book known to everyone. Get your voice be heard today and start taking control of your manuscript through self-publishing.