The Benefits of Social Media to Self-Published Authors


In today’s writing world, there’s a huge competition for authors. They are expected to have their own book marketing strategy since its potency determines their success.

A self-publishing company can offer different services to help the authors achieve their dreams of becoming prominent.

With the advent of technology in 21st century– social media – is completely free and accessible for both readers and authors. For self-published authors, promoting their self-published books with the aid of social media can be an effective tool to connect and communicate with fans and potential readers.

Social Media

So, which social media channels should book marketers spend time with and for what purposes?

  • Facebook

With millions of users and still growing up all over the world, Facebook is an effective way to reach out to your readers about your book.  Exert an effort to link with your friends and their respective friends to generate buzz for your book. Post contents that are relevant for the people who “liked” your page. However, it takes creativity to let them like your page, so why not run a promotion, giveaways or competition to catch the interest of the users. And don’t forget to respond to your fans.

  • Twitter

Twitter is as famous as Facebook, where authors can use to post real time messages to their fans. Content should be relevant and interesting so that many users will gladly follow you. Work on building relationships with users. Engage readers by asking them thoughts and feedbacks when you make an update like posting a chapter of your book.

  • Blog

Create your own website or blog; write varied articles about your book just like reviews. Invite users to review your blog and give feedbacks.

  • Pinterest

Users do share websites and photos on an online pin board. With its focus on pictures, why not create a board of images like a picture of your book cover to attract readers.

  • Linkedn

It is a professional site for professional networking. Add a publication section or even chapters of your book- especially business book- on your profile. Create a reader’s discussion group about your book to engage the professional networkers.

Make your book a social media friendly so as to build trust and eventually loyalty for the readers. However, be cautious about making hard ‘sells’ because too much selling can irritate even your avid fan. It may take time but if you stay in the course, then, you will surely reap the benefits in the end.

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