The Benefits of Internet Marketing Over Traditional Offline Marketing

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If you own a business, you know that for it to succeed, people need to be able to find you. This is why advertising is so important, but print, TV and billboard advertising are incredibly expensive. However, if you use a digital agency for Internet marketing, you will save money, reach a targeted audience and be able to change advertising and marketing campaigns on the fly.

The best way to get started with Internet advertising is to find an SEO agency or a PPC agency. SEO, or search engine optimization, agencies can help you optimise your website and content that puts you at the top of search engine results pages. Today, most people find websites and companies through Internet search engines, so if you are not on the first page of search results, people are not likely to find your site.

PPC, also known as pay per click, ads are another great way of driving people to your website. These ads show up on websites and alongside search results that are related to your business. When people first began advertising with banners on the Internet, companies had to pay a website for every time their banner showed up, whether someone clicked on the link or not. Now, to ensure that people are getting a return on investment for their marketing dollars, companies only pay for advertisements when someone actually visits their website due to a banner ad.

Both SEO and PPC ads are far less expensive than the majority of classicadvertising methods and channels. Additionally, they are far more targeted than traditional marketing. When someone clicks on your link from a search engine results page, they are visiting your site because they were specifically looking for what you offer. PPC ads are also able to be targeted and show up only on sites and search results that relate to your company. While a billboard or a commercial may reach a huge audience, it is likely that only a small percentage of people who view them are your target demographic.

Another advantage that Internet advertising has over classic advertising is its flexibility and the ability to track the success of online campaigns. If you shoot a TV commercial or put up a billboard, if you find that they are not bringing in the revenue you expected, there is little you can do to change them. Online marketing allows people to change banner ads, upload new content and focus on new keywords that are relevant to your target audience.

Additionally, the majority of online marketing is easily tracked. This means that you know which banner ads are bringing the largest number of people to your site, which coupon codes are generating the most sales and what keyword searches people are using to find you and visitors engagement with your site. Since you are able to make changes to your online marketing initiatives at the drop of a hat, you can use the tracking data to change unsuccessful marketing practices and to focus on online advertising campaigns that do work.

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Author Shares His Story of Battling Cancer

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New book follows the author’s experiences of how to embrace cancer and come out the other end as a victor
Tulsa, OK – Cancer is not a sentence; it is a word. It only has the power to kill if people allow it to. People have the power to heal, but only if the individual chooses to. In choosing, people cannot remain victims, they must become victors. That’s the core message of CanSir: A Backward Path. The book uncovers author Mitch Alexander’s compelling story of how he faced a cancer crisis – and the multi-faceted challenges that are part of the healing journey.

“Over all I want people to know that no matter what their story or their history they can choose something different any time they make a commitment to do so. Cancer is not something to fear it is something to embrace. It is a wake-up call for something better,” said the author.

This book is his story. Through these pages, everyone will see the author’s experiences through his past traumas and abuse encountered in his life prior to finding out he had cancer and during the time he was battling for his life. His story is an extreme version, but also an honest representation. He made it through that hell. Everyone who makes the choice can too.

Divided into an introduction and five sections, each section approaches the discussion of his history or experiences in life and how the subject relates to the facts that he had to face in order to get a handle on the cancer crisis. Cancer is multi-faceted. There are no clear cut answers, but each person manifests his or her own reality by the events he or she has faced. To survive cancer, one must be willing to honestly look at all aspects of ones own past. People have to first choose to learn a new way to live then search for the ideas that can create a new structure. Part of looking forward is looking backward to see what worked and what didn’t.

This book is available online and can be purchased at and

About the Author
Mitch Alexander has five books he is working on two non-fictions that relate to the relationship issues between men and women. One non-fiction is “She’s All That” and the other is “He’s All That”. He has three novels that are in various stages of writing. Two have over 20,000 words and the third has about 5,000 words. He has written 6 children’s stories that are going to be compiled into on one book, which will be published by Inner Child Press.

CanSir: A Backward Path by Mitch Alexander

Publication Date: March 12, 2012

Paperback: $12.00; 248 pages; ISBN 978-1468121841

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