To be clear, site metrics are standards of measurement by which efficiency, performance, progress or quality of a website is assessed and measured. There are various tools and methods that SEOs use to measure site metrics; ways to measure SEO success such as keyword rankings. It is important to know where your target keywords rank. Basic conversion tracking is another tool. It is important, when engaging in basic conversion tracking to identify multiple conversion types; which include leads, sales, downloads, subscriptions and event sign-ups. Check our smart Google apps used by professional SEO experts for business promotion.

Another tool to use is organic search traffic. Organic search traffic includes overall organic traffic growth. When doing this, focus on year-over-year comparisons. Basic conversion tracking is another tool that measures site metrics. With basic conversion tracking one can identify multiple conversion types; this includes leads, sales, subscriptions, downloads and event sign-ups.
Organic search traffic is still another tool. With this tool you can search overall organic traffic growth, growth of traffic for target keywords, percentage of overall traffic coming from organic sources and progress with specific engines.

Keyword density is a tool that can be more than helpful. With this tool, you can examine how many keywords are driving each month and then track the trend. It can be very helpful to report something like “During the first quarter, we received traffic from 200 keywords but now it’s three thousand different keywords bringing in the traffic.”

Most importantly, another tool that can help is referrals from links and website properties. Link building and website properties not only improve keyword rankings and keyword traffic, it can also bring traffic to your site. In addition, branded searches can also be looked upon as a tool SEOs use to measure site metrics. Many online users come to sites after searching for the brand name. However, other media channels can have a greater influence on this metric.