Your E-book could be a top seller if you follow these tips!

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First, you need to decide what format you want your Ebook in. The two most popular formats are HTML and PDF. So far, PDF has been the choice of most Ebook authors, but HTML is gaining ground.

If you know your topic you can kick out a 50-page Ebook in no time. But should you write it yourself? It depends. How much time and money do you have?

There are advantages to having your Ebook ghostwritten.
You can be doing something else while the product is being produced
You can play the role of editor and director while other people do the work
Or you can take a vacation

If you do decide to hire a ghostwriter to handle your Ebook project for you, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:
1. Give the writer a thorough outline – You have to operate on the assumption that the writer will include only what you put into the outline. I recommend that you, as the expert, write the outline for your Ebook project. Make sure everything you want included in your Ebook is in the outline. Do it this way:

Start with chapters. Those are your broad topics.
Next, add sub-chapters or section headings. Make sure your outline is written so that each point is a heading and all the writer has to do is keep those headings and write each section according to you guidelines.
Include graphic notes. What graphics do you want and where do you want them? Be specific.

Chapter summaries. Do you want them? Be sure you state how you want them handled – bullet points, paragraphs, sidebars, etc. All of it has to be in writing and outlined if you want it in the book.

Don’t experiment – Stick to the tried and true methods, especially on your first Ebook. I made the mistake of switching from MS Word to Open Office, an open source word processor. It was a great program and made PDF conversion very easy (easier than MS Word); however, formatting graphics proved to be a nightmare and I ended up spending twice as long as I needed to on the project.

For PDF e-books, use MS Word and CutePDF – This is the best way. Do all of your writing in MS Word and convert to PDF using CutePDFs professional edition. It costs less than $50 and is more than adequate for the job. You have to format all of your links in CutePDF rather than MS Word but if you do it in Word first then you’ll see the blue underlines where the hyperlinks are supposed to go and you can use that as your guide once you open up CutePDF.

Be clear with your ghostwriter about whom will do the conversion – You can do it yourself or let the writer do it, but be sure you have an understanding before you start the project. Some writers charge extra for this service and some don’t offer it at all. Make sure you know what you’re getting.

Don’t pay too much – The Internet has brought down the fees for writing services. Ebooks, especially, do not have to cost an arm and a leg to produce. However, if you want excellent writing, you’ll have to pay for it. Just don’t overpay and make sure you get samples of your writer’s work before you hire him.

Finally, don’t bite off more than you can chew – Be realistic about your expectations. Does your topic need a 500-page Ebook?

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E-books Can Rise Your Profit Again

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Just a few years ago, people were touting e-books as the future of the publishing industry. Through these portable electronic devices, individuals could read entire books without amassing a large collection of tattered paperbacks. Despite all the hoopla, e-books never really took off. Now, one company is hoping to take the technology to the next level.

Just this past month, Discovery Communications (the company behind the Discovery Channel and TLC) was awarded a US patent for a new e-book invention. Though Discovery has been mum on the details, the patent application describes the device as �a new way to distribute books and other textual information to bookstores, libraries and consumers�. The patent is not just for the book-shaped electronic reader itself, but also for an entire electronic library system. Discovery notes in the patent information: ��Not since the introduction of Gutenberg�s movable typeset printing has the world stood on the brink of such a revolution in the distribution of text material. The definition of the word �book� will change drastically in the near future.�

The news of Discovery�s patent certainly perked the ears of Amazon, the maker of the Kindle, a portable electronic device that enables users to get book, magazine and newspaper content instantly. The device was released this past fall after three years in development, and it features a display that resembles real paper. It also offers a large selection of books, giving users access to about 80 percent of current New York Times bestsellers (which cost $9.99 each to download). A keyboard allows users to make notes, highlight text and bookmark pages. Of course, the downside of the Kindle is its price tag of $399 – not exactly attractive to readers used to buying books for around $10 or borrowing them from the library.

The other major obstacle faced by e-books is the question of whether people really want to let go of books. So far, the question remains unanswered. While e-books haven�t thus far lit the industry on fire, they have seen their sales figures increase exponentially in the past few years. But books still have several benefits e-books haven�t been able to match. For one thing, they�re durable. A paperback can get buried in the sand and simply be brushed off, while a $400 electronic device filled with sand could be catastrophic. Secondly books remain a reflection of personality. Personal libraries remind people of books they�ve read and may want to return to � just like record or movie collections.

Still, e-books do offer intriguing possibilities all their own. For one thing, they give people the ability to get new books in minutes while lying in bed or riding the bus. Secondly, they save space and paper. For the frequent traveler the e-book is much more convenient than lugging around a dozen paperbacks or stopping at each airport book store to add another couple pounds to a carry-on. With e-books, content is instant, bulk is minimal and travel is easy. Ultimately, the widespread acceptance of e-books comes down to whether the benefits of the new technology will outweigh the old. Certainly, e-books must become more affordable and the content available must become limitless. But perhaps Discovery will be the company to make that happen.

About Author - ANEEL DOGRA

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Why You Should Create Your Own Resalable Ebook?

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If you have been selling resalable ebooks on eBay for some time, then it is likely that you adopt a method similar to many ebook sellers. You source cheap or free ebooks with resell rights and then resell these in your eBay store. Now there is nothing wrong with this method. It means that obtaining the ebooks is cheap or even free, you don’t have to spend time creating a product and a lot of the time you even get a ready made sales page and download page or visit For next to no money, you have a digital product that can be sold again and again, for very little effort. I used to rely solely on this method when reselling ebooks on eBay and achieved reasonable success with it. I even wrote a newsletter article last year on sourcing free ebooks that can be resold on eBay. To this day I still resell other people’s ebooks in my eBay store. However, the difference is that I now also create and sell my own resalable ebooks.

Now you may be thinking; ‘Why would you want to go to all the time and effort of creating your own resalable ebooks, which are likely to depreciate in value very quickly? Surely it is much more time and cost effective to resell ebooks that are already available with resell rights?’ If these are your thoughts then you are thinking about resalable ebooks in the wrong way. Let me put it into perspective and hopefully change your thinking on the issue with the example below.

Let�s say for this example you are selling your own ebook and someone else’s ebook, both for �1.99 in your eBay store. Now when you sell someone else’s ebook you make �1.99 which is all well and good. However, when you sell your own resalable ebook you make �1.99 from the sale AND after the sale you have the potential for much more. What potential you may be asking? Well let me explain below just what your own resalable ebook can do for you.

1) Promote:- Your own ebook can be a very valuable promotional tool for your eBay store, your website or whatever else you want to promote. If you want to promote your eBay store simply write a little note such as “brought to you by” Or you could even write a small paragraph about your eBay store, what it sells etc, and then provide a link to it if people want to find out more. If you have your own website, write an ebook that contains similar content and of course provide a link to your website somewhere within the ebook.

As you continue to sell your ebook with resell rights, some of your customers will also start to sell it and eventually their customers will sell it too. As time goes by your ebook will continue to be distributed, creating an increasing amount of traffic – your very own viral traffic tool. The more your ebook is distributed, the greater the potential for traffic to your eBay store/website.

2) Sell your Premium Product:- If you have a premium ebook then resalable ebooks can be used to sell it. For example, if you have a cooking recipes ebook that you have wrote containing 1000 recipes this could be your premium ebook. You could then use 10 or 20 of these recipes to create a resalable ebook. At the end of this resalable ebook you could leave a note such as “Want to get 1000 recipes just like this? Then Click Here.” The Click Here will link to your premium ebook. If people like the recipes in your premium ebook then they are likely to go on and purchase the full 1000 recipe premium ebook.

As before the same principles apply, and as time goes by your resalable ebook gets seen by an increasing number of readers and should generate an increasing amount of sales. Obviously, the above recipe ebook is just an example. The principles above can be applied to almost any product/genre, allowing you to use your resalable ebook to promote and sell a premium product.

3) Sell an Affiliate Product:- If you don’t have your own premium product then the same principles from above can be used to sell a product as an affiliate. An affiliate (if you do not know) is someone who sells a product in exchange for a commission on the sale. The one thing I would recommend if you are selling products as an affiliate is to make sure that you have sampled the product before you promote it. Not only will it allow you to promote the product better (as you will actually know what you are talking about) but you will also be able to avoid products that are of a low quality.

If you are looking for a premium ebook to promote as an affiliate then ClickBank is a good place to start. It has ebooks on almost every topic you can imagine and the commissions are as generous as 75% in some cases. All you have to do is sign up and then generate affiliate links (through ClickBank) to promote each product. If buyers click and buy through your link, you will get a commission on the sale.

If you are looking for physical products to promote I would recommend Commission Junction. Again they have a very wide range of products and commissions vary from product to product. Like with ClickBank you can generate affiliate links via the Commission Junction website, and if a customer purchases through your affiliate link you get a commission on the sale.

4) Generate Leads:- If you don’t have your own mailing list yet and are serious about doing business online then I have one simple suggestion. GET A MAILING LIST. It is quite possibly the most valuable asset you can possess in Internet Business. To explain the very basics of list building, you first need to sign up for an autoresponder programme (I use and recommend Weber), build your list (using a variety of methods) and also maintain it (by providing value to your subscribers). Please bear in mind that this is a very, very basic analysis of list building and I would recommend you did some research on the topic before getting your own list. I will be covering list building in one of my future ‘Ebay Ebook Success’ articles but if you cannot wait till then I would recommend Jim Cockcrow�s How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash. This is the ebook that I used to research and build my mailing list with the help of eBay traffic. Anyway, I’m going off topic here.

Once you have a mailing list, a resalable ebook can be a valuable source of leads. All you have to do is place a link inside the ebook for customers to sign up for your mailing list. Like before as distribution of your ebook increases, the number of leads it generates should also increase.

I hope this article has shown you the potential creating your own resalable ebook provides. Whereas someone else’s resalable ebook can bring sales revenue, your own resalable ebook can bring these plus additional sales of your premium products, extra traffic, affiliate commissions and valuable leads. I am not suggesting that you cease to sell other people’s resalable ebooks. In fact other people’s resalable ebooks probably still comprise the majority of my eBay store inventory. However, even one or two of your own resalable ebooks can make a huge difference.

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Can an E-Book Become a #1 Amazon Best-Seller?

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By Dr. Joe Vitale,

Ever since Jim Edwards and I completed our now famous e-book, “How to Write and Publish Your Own E-Book… in as little as 7 Days,” people have been cranking out their own e-books at, well, a weekly rate. Lately I’ve been getting a reoccurring question concerning all these e-books. Namely, “Can an E-book become a #1 Amazon best-seller?”

That question keeps coming to me because I made my latest book, “Spiritual Marketing,” a #1 Amazon best-seller last June. I also helped several other authors make their books Amazon top sellers, from Kevin Hogan and Mark Joyner to Mike Litman and Randy Gilbert. Obviously there is a formula here that works.

But can it make an E-book an Amazon best-seller?

The answer, of course, is yes. In fact, anything you sell can be driven to a top selling spot at Amazon. That’s right, anything. That includes music CD’s, appliances, videos, audios, DVD’s, and yes, even E-books.

Here’s the secret:

You have to create what I fondly call an “ethical bribe.” In other words, say you have an e-book on child rearing. What? Does that sound too easy to sell? Okay, let’s pretend the e-book is a work of fiction. Better yet, let’s make it an e-book with nothing but poetry in it. Now THAT would be tough to sell, let alone drive up the Amazon ladder to best-seller status, right?

Wrong. Again, the key to making this proven formula work for any e-book you may write is to offer enough incentive for people to go buy it *when* you want them to buy it. In short, you have to give people added value. You offer them freebies—usually other e-books—which they can have if they buy your main e-book at Amazon on a certain day.

Are you with me here?

Oh. Well, okay. Let me explain this formula in more detail.

Step One: You need an e-book. If you haven’t written one yet, go to right now. Get that book and you’ll write your own book in less than a week. Guaranteed.

Step Two: Get your e-book listed at Amazon. That’s easy. Amazon prides itself on listing everything. They’ll list your e-book, too. Just ask by clicking on their Help button and sending them e-mail.

Step Three: Now create a series of bonuses that you can give to people who buy your e-book. Don’t throw up your hands and say you don’t have anything. Just as you wrote an e-book, you can write smaller Special Reports. Just think of what your key audience might want to read about. If you truly are selling a book of poems, maybe you can write something on how to write poetry. Get the idea?

Step Four: Here’s a tip: You can also find public domain e-books which you can offer to people who buy your e-book. Search online for them. There are thousands of e-books available, for free. You can find something relevant to your own e-book, and add it as part of the package of freebies that you’ll give people who buy your e-book at Amazon.

Step Five: Now find people who have email lists. This is a step where less imaginative people give up, saying, “I don’t know anyone with any lists!” Wake up, people. There are nearly a million email lists online. Search for them. Again, if you’re selling poetry, look for the email lists that cater to poets or maybe to writers. There are a staggering amount of those.

Step Six: After you find the email lists, write the list owners and ask for their help in promoting your event. Believe me, all you have to do is ask. They are usually glad to help because you are making a great offer to the people on their list and they will look like a hero when they help you sell your e-book. Again, just write and say something like, “I plan to make my e-book a #1 best-seller at Amazon. Will you help? Just tell your email list that if they buy one copy of my book at Amazon on (pick the day), I’ll give them all of the following for free.”

Step Seven: Finally, set up all your freebies so they are downloadable e-products. In other words, when someone buys your e-book, you want them to send their Amazon e-receipt to you by e-mail. When you receive it, you want to send them the download page for your bonuses. You could also just send the bonuses by email to each person who writes to you, but that would be time-consuming. Still, it’s an option if, say, you don’t have a website. That’s right. You don’t even need a website to make this process work for you.

There you have it.

Write your e-book in seven days and then drive it to best- seller status at Amazon using the above 7-step formula.

What are you waiting for?

Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of way too many books to list here. His latest title is “The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) From the Inside Out.” Register for his monthly complimentary ezine at

His Executive Mentoring Program is described at

Copyright © 2005 by Joe Vitale. All rights reserved.
You may forward this in its entirety to anyone you wish.

Hypnotic Marketing Inc.
121 Canyon Gap Rd
Wimberley TX 78676

Member BBB Online 2005

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Your Help In Selling Your E-Books

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You may realize that joint venture partners can be very valuable in staying competitive in the ever-growing ebook business. Ebook creation and marketing strategies may require you to team up with the right people who can compliment your strengths or improve your weak points. Make sure you learn the right ways of selecting the right crowd to avoid risks and maximize profits.

Where You Can Find Help

Always be on the lookout for joint venture partners when attending conferences and meetings since these are filled with people who have thoroughly knowledge on the subject with a number of special skills that you can effectively use to your advantage. Check first which areas you currently need help in such as content writing, affiliate program development or marketing then find the right person who can provide consultation or active participation in the project. Form bonds which will benefit you and your partner for a healthy working relationship.

Ebook creation and marketing will introduce you to a few followers as well as hundreds of customers. Try to find individuals who have a lot of knowledge or skills related to your field and share the same objectives and goals. Your best students and most satisfied customers can become loyal partners who may be willing to invest in your ebook for the long term. Creating this type of bond will also improve trade associations and expand your network. Do not overlook vendors and affiliate partners since these people are most likely connected to several potential customers and service providers that can provide you with free benefits to improve in your craft.

How It Works

A joint venture partnership is an alliance between you and another person or party with the intent of achieving a common business goal. In ebook creation and marketing, you aim to find individuals who are interested in your project and together boost sales, income opportunity and revenues which will benefit all people involved at the agreed rates. Have your joint partner call you for a fee or free then allow the recording to be available to others. An affiliate link to your ebooks will then be provided to your partner wherein he or she earns a percentage of successful sales based on the call made.

Ebook creation and marketing may also involve your joint venture partner sending out mail to subscribers and recommending your work in a positive light. The affiliate link is again provided during mailing. You can only include a customer in your list after a successful transaction but you will not be given access to your partners list for business safety purposes. Provide bonuses or favors to your partners to have them advertise and market your ebook effectively. Your chances of boosting visibility and sales will greatly increase if you have a good offer that they need or highly relate to.

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How To Price Your E-Book

Posted in E-book Tips on August 19th, 2011 by admin


To effectively sell your ebook, you need to give it the right price. Ebook creation and marketing requires both the skill and resources to produce as well as the techniques and approaches to distribute. If you’re aiming for longevity in the business, you need to relate price with quality well to maintain a good reputation of producing well-written and informative works.

Determining The Rate

Pricing too high without a good brand or reputation may turn people off and pass off on your offer. Pricing too low on the other hand may also give potential clients the idea that quality may not be the ebooks best trait. It is important that you advertise it properly as well as make a good impression through introductions and graphics to attract more customers. First, you need to determine if you plan to earn through selling the ebook itself or via links and advertising schemes.

If you plan to make money from selling the ebook directly, you have the right to charge a premium price considering that the content is unique and includes several details never before seen in the market. However, if the topic or niche is generally covered by several other ebooks, you may be better off giving it a standard or economical price. Better yet, give it up for free then start looking for opportunities to earn from links and ads. Having additional products or services within the content will help raise its value and price more.

Ensuring Longevity

It pays to study the current ebook market especially the particular niche you’re working at. Check out some available products then calculate the general average. You should read the content to know how similar or different your product is. Long term relationships with clients will usually bud from initially low rates. As they learn about the good quality and useful content of your products, you will have more right to price better ebooks higher the next time.

Try running a campaign wherein you target different audiences with similar interests. The only difference is that you’re varying prices with each market. Observe how the people respond to the ebook price. It is possible for two markets to have similar results so you should have an idea how much exactly you need to raise or lower in terms of price to get the most profit. Ask friends, colleagues, joint venture partners and consultants how much they’re willing to pay for your ebook. Ebook creation and marketing in this manner will emphasize volume sales or a good resell rights price for maximum financial gains.

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Five Other Marketing Uses For Ebooks Aside From Selling Them

Posted in E-book Tips on August 18th, 2011 by admin


So you’ve created your own eBook, or have otherwise caused the preparation of the same. Or maybe you have purchased an already existing eBook with its master resale rights or private label right.

Now, you’re contemplating on how much you’re going to sell it to recover your investments. You’re already thinking about hiring a copywriter to create a sales page, or maybe, you’re even studying the basics of copywriting to write your own sales copy.

But is selling the eBook the best step to take? Indeed, you may gain some sales, either through your efforts, or through the efforts of your affiliates, but this will be short term profit. The earnings will only be good for a number of transactions.

Here’s an alternative you may decide to take: give away your eBook for free and make it viral.

At first glance, you may think of this tactic as dismissible. After all, where’s the money in giving something away for free, right?

Well, such an eBook can serve as the seed for a viral marketing campaign, and in the long run, it can provide for you a continuous source of prospects that will be willing to purchase your future offers. How is this possible? How is this done? Do consider the strategies below:

1. Populate the pages of your eBook with your affiliate links. These affiliate links should be properly invoked, meaning, they will be mentioned in accordance with relevant portions of your information product. If you’re discussing email marketing in one chapter, recommend an autoresponder service through your affiliate link. If you’re discussing web hosting, recommend a web hosting service through your affiliate link, or perhaps, even your reseller account. Since the eBook will most likely be passed around (since it’s free), you’d be able to expose your products and affiliate links to more people in the long run.

2. Populate the pages of your eBook with links to your URL. This URL should point to a landing page where you can capture the contact details of your visitors. Veteran online marketers will tell you that capturing leads is just as important as bagging some sales. Once your visitors subscribe to your mailing list, you can employ your email marketing strategies to warm them up for future sales.

3. Reserve it for use as a bonus for your future offers. This will increase the value of your future offers, and such can justify a higher selling price. Additionally, your future offers will sell faster because of the eBook you’ll be packing in for free.

4. Use your eBook as leverage for joint ventures. Some JV setups will require you to contribute a product to the pool which will be sold as one solid package. Often, these setups will require you to throw in the private label rights or the master resale rights of the same. If you wish to preserve the exclusivity of your other products, use your new eBook instead.

5. Give away your eBook to the members of your mailing list. Such a gesture will surely make them happy. And when they’re kept happy, they’d get warmed up to your future offers.

As you can see, there are many, many other applications for your eBook other than selling it. And the fact that you will give it away free of charge would add a viral exponent to the equation. People love free things, and people love sharing free things with their family and friends. It’s human nature! Your eBook will be distributed in many, many channels, and if you will play your cards right, you’d generate a lot of leads from these situations.

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