Hire eBook Conversion Services to Get Your Books Digitized

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The current scenario is talking about the digital books. Gone are the days when people used to carry books in hand for reading. Now the techno savvy world has switched from physical books to digital versions. This has incredibly increased the demand of eBook conversion services to a great level today.

Number of steps is involved in the conversion of the normal physical book to an eBook. Mainly, the authors and the publishers look for such services for getting their written material converted into the digital format. To find the right eBook Publishing Companies, make a list of the requirements that you want these services should provide you.

There are various things to be kept in mind when selecting the best eBook Conversion Services. Let’s check the points you should search for:

  1. Look for if the company is capable enough for processing your source file? Is the company you are going to hire capable for converting children books to eBook format?
  2. Are Digital Rights Management are provided to you? Sometimes there are techniques that do not allow the interference of the user and also block the user to do certain things on their eBooks.
  3. Confirm for if they can create the files for different reading devices that you want because people use different file formats, not everybody is using the same format. For example ePub file format is used by iPhone and Sony readers but Kindle uses the azw file format.
  4. Can they provide you with Kindle conversion services because eBooks are the products of Amazon and are gaining more popularity at a greater rate? Many of the authors do not want their books to get into all types of devices but they want it to get converted into Kindle as it is the most common these days.
  5. Ask them if they can provide you with the services that the images in the book will adjust them accordingly to the screen on which they are being read which is also known as Fixed Layout Conversion.

Benefits of eBook Conversion Services

  • The eBook formats are accepted universally now and is compatible with almost every device. These formats can be read on desktop software or any online reader
  • The ePub formats for eBooks are compatible with a huge number of reading devices
  • It reduces the cost of conversion for multiple distribution channels
  • It is easy to convert these files into any other formats like .mobi or RTF
  • It is easy to sell your eBooks from various number of outlets
  • It is a cost effective method of distribution
  • These formats have maximum flexibility and effectiveness

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