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A short intro to digital media for authors who haven’t got a clue

Guest Expert: Lynn Serafinn

I’m a fairly techie person. I’m on the computer so much I might has well have a microprocessor implanted into my brain so I didn’t have to sit at my desk all the time. But although I’m pretty expert with the Internet, social media, WordPress, web pages, etc., there are two areas in which I’m a bit of a late bloomer. One is mobile technology (I’ll be talking more about that in a later issue). I only just got my first “smart” phone (a Blackberry) less than 6 months ago. And while I work with authors ALL the time, the second area to which I am admittedly a late bloomer is the world of digital books—eBooks.

Actually, these two things (mobile technology and digital format books) are very, very much related, and if we authors do not have a clue about them, and how they work together, we are quite likely to miss out on half (if not more) of our potential book sales. In fact, my good friend Tony Eldridge from “Marketing Tips for Authors” recently became a #1 seller because of his digital book.

I used to think an eBook was just a PDF file that was pretty much a duplicate of your print book. And up until a few years ago, that was true. Then, along came the Kindle, and a whole new market opened up. But THEN, “smart” mobile technology, such as iPhones, iPads and so many other formats entered onto the scene. It’s a confusing quagmire of technology, and it’s VERY easy to get overwhelmed with the options.

So I thought I’d write a VERY basic introduction to some of the practical considerations for eBook creation and distribution for authors who are self-publishing.

Question 1:
Do you need to bother publishing your book in an electronic format if you have a print edition?

ABSOLUTELY YES!!! Amazon actually sells MORE Kindle eBook sales than it sells print books! Can you believe I don’t even own a Kindle yet? What was I thinking? (I’m ordering one next month!)

Question 2:
What eBook formats are there? Which format should I use?

There are many formats, but the two you should concern yourself with most are Kindle (a bespoke format from Amazon) and the ePub format, which is used by iPad and other companies.

Kindle is the big leader in eBook sales (having been around for almost 5 years now), but iPad is catching up with currently nearly a quarter of all eBook sales at last count. Also, the ePub format is compatible with many other mobile devices besides the iPad. You should use BOTH formats, as well as PDF.

Question 3:
Where do I have to go to set up accounts for an eBook?

My suggestion is to use THREE: Amazon (for Kindle), Lightning Source AND Smashwords for other electronic formats. They all distribute to completely different channels (the only overlap I have found between LS and Smashword Kobo).

For Kindle, go to and get started. Be SURE to read all their guidelines before submitting anything. You don’t have to have an ISBN, but I think it’s a great idea to have one.

For Lightning Source, go to Download their list of “CoreSource” Fulfilment partners (there are probably about 60 of them, including MBS Books, Lulu, CyberRead, The Book Depository, Kobo and many others. They deliver eBooks in Adobe Acrobat ebook Reader, Microsoft Reader, and Palm eBook formats. You WILL need a new ISBN for your eBook version.

If you go to Smashwords at you’ll see their distribution partners on their home page as Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Kobo and the Diesel eBook Store. Again, you don’t need an ISBN, but I think it’s a lot better to use your own, as it associates your book with YOU as a publisher, and not with Smashwords.

Question 4:
How do I get my book into digital format for Kindle and ePub? Do I just upload my PDF of my print book?

Nope. Each company has their own formatting guidelines and it’s EXTREMELY important you follow them. If formatting is not your “thing” someone can help you prepare your book for digital format. Smashwords will even send you a list of suggested formatters, who are all quite reasonably priced.

Question 5:
Let’s talk about money. How to I price my book, and what kind of royalties will I receive per sale?

The short answer to how to price your book is at LEAST 50% LESS than your print version. So, if your print book sells for $15.95, then price your eBook around $7.95 or less. If, however, you’re using this book more or less as a promotional tool (as opposed to a proper “book”), consider selling for as low as $0.99.

Regarding royalties, it goes like this:
Wholesale compensation = 60% of retail (when sold on sites other than their own)
Example: if your eBook is selling for $7.95, the author would get $4.77.
When your eBook is sold ON the Smashwords site, you get 85%. In other words, if your eBook is selling for $7.95, the author would get $6.76.

Lightning Source
LS take 7.5% taken from net (in other words, the author gets 92.5% of net sales). Net is calculated by taking the list price and subtracting the discount you are giving the distributor. For example, if your eBook is selling for $7.95 and wholesale discount is 50%, net world be $3.98, and the author would get $3.68. Of course, you could set your discount at a much lower rate wholesale discount if you wish to achieve a higher profit (example: at 30% discount, you would receive $5.14).

You can get as high as a 70% royalty rate from Kindle, minus “delivery” costs. Deliver costs are relative to your file size. On, the delivery cost is $0.15/mb. So, if your eBook that is selling for $7.95 is 5mb in size, your royalty would be: $7.95 X 0.70 = $5.57 – (5 X $0.15) = $4.82.

(Please note, these prices are correct as of this writing on 19 October 2011, and may have changed if you happen to read this article after that date.)

The key idea with eBooks is to get your book OUT in as many formats, and in as many distribution channels you can. Make sure that links to where people can purchase these products is very visible and easy to find on your website.

I hope this short introduction has given you a bit more information about the practical why, where and how of eBooks. There’s a LOT more to talk about, especially how to make the most of your eBook format and how to market it. But, we’ll save that for another day.

I would very much welcome to hear about your own experiences! Please drop me a line at to let me know what you have learned in your own eBook adventures.

Lynn Serafinn, MAED, CPCC is a certified, award-winning coach and teacher, marketer, social media expert, radio host, speaker and bestselling author. Her eclectic approach to marketing incorporates her vast professional experience in the music industry and the educational sector along with more than two decades of study and practice of the spirituality of India. In her work as a promotional manager she has produced a long list of bestselling mind-body-spirit authors. She is also the creator of Spirit Authors, which offers training, coaching, business-building and inspiration for mind-body-spirit authors, whether established or aspiring. Passionate about re-establishing our connection with the Earth, she supports the work of the Transition Town network in her hometown of Bedford, England.

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Love digital? We’ve finally created an online bookshelf exclusive for e-books!

The e-Bookshelf enables self-published authors to their e-books that feature a thumbnail image of their book’s cover, publishing details, a 25-word advertising blurb, and a link to an online bookstore where their book is being sold.

Submit your book advertisements now! Log on to

Sincerely, | You have the book…We have the marketing resources.

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E-Books Versus Published Hard Copy Books

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E-books or electronic books are the digital counterpart of printed books. These have shown to be quite useful and very easy to use for millions of online users. However, there are debates whether or not ebook creation and marketing are truly as efficient as hard copies. Discover more about the similarities and differences and find out which one best fits your style and needs.

Advantages Of Ebooks

First of all, ebook creation and marketing is convenient and cheap. You can virtually begin with no money and only a computer or laptop. Writing hundreds of pages do not require you to spend on a single sheet of paper and you also get to save time, cash and effort since you do not have to print anything. Less physical space is needed to store and hold ebooks and you can save hundreds or thousands of them in a single storage device on your computer.

People also do not have to report to work or find a suitable place to write or read ebooks. If you have a laptop, you can continue working or advertising while transporting, on a vacation or right at home. It is a relatively lucrative business opportunity that requires zero capital. Another benefit about electronic books is that these can be written by anyone who has an idea to sell. There are fiction, non-fiction and casual categories covering any type of topic ranging from a few pages up to a few hundred.

You also save time, money and effort looking for necessary information to finish an ebook. There are so many hyperlinks leading to related topics and you also get to read other ebooks and talk to consultants and experts to further enhance the appearance and content of your work. Occupation of less space also means that ebooks can stay available for longer periods of time because they do not have going out of print dates. Ebooks can exist and be converted into a variety of media such as audio books. The text and font can also be changed according to the readers preferences for easy viewing.

Advantages Of Published Hard Copy Books

Overall, paper books are still the mainstream and people continually use these for reliable and factual pieces of information. Device compatibility can be an issue to a number of people so it might be cheaper for them in the long run to buy print books that can last for years compared to always keeping up with electronic trends to avoid ebooks from becoming obsolete due to newer formats. You do not need electrical power to read hard copies or worry about software or hardware errors.

Ebook creation and marketing can also be stolen or become the target of unscrupulous activities online. They have high vulnerability to hacking or being distributed without need of approval from editors, authors or publishers. Many still believe that a lot of ebooks are only based on opinion than facts and figures.

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Summary: launches a bookshelf service exclusive for e-books.

GREEN BAY, WI (06/28/11) – As part of the company’s current move on innovation and development, launches its e-Bookshelf today. After the launching of the company’s e-Book Conversion service just last week, they have unveiled another e-book publication service. Self-published authors who are interested in boosting their e-book sales online can now do business with’s e-Bookshelf. created the e-Bookshelf to provide more options to self-published authors who are into e-book publishing. The newest online e-bookstore features the simplest yet staple system for an online bookstore. The e-Bookshelf also has an easy sales system tracker that enables authors to keep track with their progress like a walk in the park.

“One year ago, e-book publishing was just a part of our vision. Now, everything is already happening. Our visions are slowly but surely coming into reality. is proud to announce the birth of e-Bookshelf, our latest offering in providing self-published authors the best possible business solutions. And with our success, we are grateful to our employees in every essential department who have worked hard for us to finally bring our ideas to life. We have every reason to celebrate,” concludes Johnny Chu, CEO of

For more details about and its book marketing services, visit the company’s official website You may also channel your inquiries through email at [email protected]

About is an online book marketing service company, specializing in providing low-cost, high-quality marketing services for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books. Through its unique, inexpensive book marketing services, helps authors promote their published works more effectively and connect to readers in a more effective, more efficient system. employs an experienced team of online marketing strategists, ad copywriters, graphic artists, and web designers, whose combined talents ensure an effective online marketing campaign at easily affordable rates.

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