Another characteristic that makes for a great SEO community is group members who care and participate. Community members, who engage with the content, ask questions, post and promote their own content, make for a lively and interesting SEO community site. Community members, who are passionate about the topic that the community is based on, will bring in others and that “engagement” can lead to further discussions.

Most importantly, when an online community produces content that is fresh and unique, more online users will be drawn into the conversation. That means content should be fresh and unique. This can be achieved with videos, audio, images, charts and graphs.

Keep in mind; creating and maintaining a successful online community is a great idea, especially for online marketers. Online communities can be created several ways such as with a dedicated and lively Twitter following or lively discussions on active online forums. Almost 75 percent of online consumers say that they trust online reviews, almost as much as getting personal recommendations from a family member or friend. Purchasing on the Internet is growing more popular by the day, by the hour; statistics show many consumers are turning away from retail stores and buying what they need online. When you develop a powerful online community, you have a wonderful platform to engage and promote your goods and services with your customers; they are able to enjoy the many benefits for your business.

With a productive online community you can encourage debate and discussion about the services or products you offer, without having to do the “hard sell.” In addition, when you want truthful and useful feedback on your products, you can get what you need from your online community. You can ask and answer questions, encourage other online users to interact with each other and then evaluate the feedback. An online community can also increase your content reach. Other benefits of a productive online community are building brand loyalty and evaluating social signals. By having key social signals ready to link to your site and your brand, you will be in a good position for whatever comes your way.

Keep in mind; online communities can take on many forms; however, the benefits they bring to you are many. Some think that an online community to be successful must has a forum or message board; however, an online community can have other areas such as newsletters, emails and blog comments. Most importantly, creating and maintaining an online community can be a lot of work but the results that come from it make it beneficial. Here are other examples of successful communities: Money Saving Expert, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Gamers Portal, Reddit and Dig.