Online SEO communities have much to offer; they are often free to join, answer questions, provide feedback and share industry news that is relevant, effective and helpful. Keep in mind; regular interaction on Google Plus adds to the authority and relevancy of your account, pulls back traffic to your website and adds to your personal branding. One top notch online SEO community is Technical SEO. Technical SEO has a multitude of professional SEOs discussing, rehearsing and trying to figure out various and sundry search-related issues. Some of the categories that are discussed are Membership and Administration, General Tech Talk, SEO Tools & SAAS Providers, Analytics & Measurements, Site Speed and Performance Algo Impacts Developer Tools, Email and Retention.

Another great online SEO community is SEO+Search Engine Optimization/Website Design. This site covers a wide range of topics that is related to search engine optimization and design. Some of the categories discussed here are: SEO Community, Mobile SEO, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Blogging for SEO, SEO Tools/SEO tips and Web Design.

Link Builders is another very helpful and insightful SEO community. As any online business owner knows, keeping up with what is going on in the link ecosystem is important. At Link Builders you will find a group of people from professional agencies and entrepreneurs who enjoy the art of link procurement and acquisition. There is a good deal of information about industry news, advice and discussions that go beyond what you would expect in such an environment. Some of the categories that you will see here are: General Discussion, Link Building Tips, Industry Events, Link Building Best Practices and Link Building Philosophy.

Another smaller community, eCommerce News & Insights, is a good place to check out, even though it is not singularly SEO; there is a lot of great information here, information that pertains to running an online retail shop such as search optimization strategies and tips. Categories to check out are Discussion, E-commerce, tips, Solutions, Web Design, Web Development, Video and Infographics.

Be sure to also check out LocalSEONews. This site focuses mainly on local search optimization. You will find here all aspects of local search, including optimizing locally with Bing and Yahoo. Categories to check out are: Local SEO News, SEO Questions, Bing Local, SEO Videos and SEO Jobs.

There are certain characteristics that make for a great SEO community such as one that has excellent and useful content. Content at these sites are regularly updated and added. For example, if your business deals with certain healthcare treatments, you need to add fresh content on new treatments and procedures that will give your online readers information on the latest in treatments and procedures; treatments and procedures they can check out further. Be sure, also, to make your content flow freely and that it has good grammar and formatting. Content that is poorly written will turn people away; they will look elsewhere for the information they need.