Can you Start a Self-Publishing Business and Keep Your Day Job?

Posted in Self-Publishing on September 12th, 2012 by admin

If you really love language arts, you might be wondering if it’s possible to start a self publishing business and keep your day job at the same time. Sure, it’s possible. However, whether or not it’s possible for you is going to depend on few factors.

Finding Work Time
When you already have a full-time job, it can be difficult to find times for the extra work during the day. You’ve going to have to carve out some space. You could wake up early in the morning and complete the publishing work before going out the door. This plan is the best because you don’t have to think about it all day. You could also work at night when you get home or during your lunch break.

Contacting Clients
You’re also going to face some problems when it comes to contacting your clients. Many of them are going to be available to talk during normal business hours, not at 6 in the morning or 9 at night. You can try to schedule phone conferences with some of them during your lunch breaks. Additionally, you could also have to work on the weekends in order to keep in touch with everybody. Remember though, people are not just going to want to chat on the phone. They’ll want to meet with you in person too.

Professional and Honest
When you meet with clients, you should let them know during which days and times you will be available. However, don’t start if off like this: “I’m not free at A,B and C, but I am free at D,E and F.” You don’t want to make it sound as though there is no time available for them. Instead, as you would with any business, state when you are available for consultations. If you’re going to have some extra availability, let them know about it as it comes up. It’s not really any of their business what you do in your free time. If it does come up, all you have to say is that you work two jobs.

Quality Work
When you’re working practically around the clock, it can be quite difficult to produce high quality work. Well, you must. You’ve decided to have two demanding jobs at the same time, so you must still give both of them the same attention as if you’ve had one. Keep the work separate. Think of your self-publishing work as your early morning shift and your day job as your late morning through early evening shift. You can divide it up however you want as long as you are sure that the projects receive the necessary attention.

Yes, it’s certainly possible to take on some sort of side venture while you are still working at your day job. However, it’s likely going to be a bit difficult to sort out at first. When you’re doing what you love though, it will likely feel more like a hobby that you’re getting up for instead of work.

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