How To Prevent E-book Theft


A lot of people nowadays, especially those who have a knack for writing have began to explore the industry of Ebook creation and marketing. This is indeed a very blooming industry. However, just like other industries, it is blooming with thieves too.

Saying Goodbye To Mister Profit

“Piracy is a crime”, we all know that. Thus, Ebook piracy is a crime too. If you are an Ebook writer and you fear that someone might steal or pirate your Ebook, then you are in the right state of mind. Yes, sad to say, there are lots of thieves and hackers out on the Internet ready to grab your precious Ebook that you’ve written conscientiously for the past couple of weeks as soon as you post it.

This is the sad and bitter truth of the Ebook world. Nowadays, hackers need not to be old computer savvy geniuses to do a trick like this. In fact, even teenagers as old as fourteen years old can do a little bit of hacking here and there. Information is spreading fast, along with information on how to hack.

So what if your Ebook gets hacked? Well, first and foremost, you can say goodbye to mister profit! Yes, since your Ebook would be out on the web available for download by anyone, then why would they buy from your site? They’d be wasting money if they do; all your hard work down the drain just because of one pesky hacker playing around. Thus, protecting your work is a must!

Are You A Victim?

To know whether you are a victim of this kind of crime, you should try checking out Web sites that sell different kinds of stuff online, such as EBay. Try searching for your Ebook there and see if someone is trying to sell it as if they were his/her own. Additionally, you can also search forums and see if any of the members have posted your book up for downloads into their Ebook section.

You can also try searching personal Web sites since there are very bright hackers that can copy your whole site but changes the vital information such as authors and account numbers to which the payment goes.


There are two top programs that are known to protect Ebooks 99.9% successfully. These are eBook Pro and Virtual Vault. Both of these programs have the ability to disable your Ebook if they detect that it is a pirated copy. They can also disable the option for printing, so you can be sure that no one can print your Ebook.

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