Making A Profit Through Publishing Fiction Books

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By: Bradley Duke.

Experienced fiction writers have come to accept that they probably won’t end up millionaires by writing books – and may even have a greater chance of winning the lottery. The success of writers such as Tom Clancy rarely happens.

The sad fact is, if you’re planning to go the traditional route and have a major publishing house take care of your work, your chances of earning serious cash are next to zero. So if you’re starting out in the publishing business, maybe using methods like print on demand would give you a better chance of financial success.

If you get lucky and a major publishing house thinks your work is worth publishing, then you can expect an advance based on the supposed predictions of what your book would earn. If your name is Tom Clancy or Stephen King, the advance could be a few cool millions, or if you’re just starting out, expect only a few thousands.

When the check is issued, it’s the author’s to keep, no matter how many sales of the book may occur. And once your book starts earning royalties, the publisher would deduct the monetary advance from the royalties earned to date.

Royalties are based on a percentage (usually between 4% and 8%). After the advance is subtracted from future royalties, the author will begin to receive a royalty percentage on every sale of the book.

$50,000 sounds like a reasonable figure if you’re a first-time writer whose book has just been published. Your overall sales would be the determining factor when negotiating for another book with the publishing house.

If you decide to use POD (print on demand) to publish your works, you will receive profits per sale rather than based on royalty percentages. If you’re able to sell a lot of books through the POD website, then you can expect to earn more profits than expected. The author can also purchase a number of the books from the web site and market them himself.

An e-book version of your work of fiction can also earn additional profits for you. It’s a high risk, high reward thing, because you can easily earn 100% profit from every sale – provided you know how the online marketing process works.

You can read up on several sources online if you wish to find out more about selling e-books. Selling books online is becoming an increasingly popular way to self-publish all types of writing.

Before you sell your works and hope for a healthy profit, there is one thing you need to do, and that is to research, research, research. Regardless of the method you choose to do your research, all the information is in front of you – all the help you need in becoming a financially successful writer.

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