Typecast: How Book Marketing can Make or Break a Self-Published Book

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It is often said that self-publication should be a last resort. Many will tell you that self-published books go nowhere; that self-published books are for desperate authors of weak books, and that self-publication is feeble attempt to become a legitimate author. Do not believe it. The bane of good literature is NOT self-publication; it is a lack of proper book marketing. If no one knows about your self-published book, no one will buy it, regardless of who puts it out in print!

What is this book marketing of which you speak?

Simply put, book marketing is a set of specific strategies employed to raise awareness of your book. With proper marketing, you can sell anything. This holds just as true for self-published books. Set up events, network, talk to bookstore owners and bibliophiles. You are your own book marketing dynamo. Don’t let anyone tell you that you won’t succeed just because you’ve self-published books.

How much is this going to cost me?

That depends. You can do your own book marketing, or you can hire a professional book marketing campaign group to take the ball and run with it while you self-publish more books. Nearly every publicist you check out will give you a different quote and itemized list for their services, and of course, it depends on the content and page count of your self-published book. Every book marketing campaign is different because every book is different.

I advertise extensively, what’s the difference?

A book marketing campaign is very different than advertising. With advertising, you pay for your information to get noticed by readers. You govern how that information is distributed, and to whom. With book marketing, no one knows what media entities will respond, how they will react to your self-published book, or whether or not they will even cover you. There are no guarantees. Book marketing and publicity of your self-published book is wholly dependent upon the interest of the public in your work. Greater public response equals greater publicity. Media coverage equates to credibility; anyone can pay for an ad, but when an editor or producer takes interest, it gives an author instant credibility.

Important note:

It is still much more difficult to generate buzz and interest about a self-published book than one through a publishing house, but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. The biggest key to your success is you. If your self-published book has merit, intriguing subject matter, high readability, and a new, bold flavor, you are much more likely to be successful. You will get out of any book marketing campaign only what you put into it. Dedicate yourself to your work as much as you believe in it, and you will be a successful self-published author.

About the Author:
Kris Leeds is a freelance writer for Smith Publicity. For more information on book marketing of self published books, please visit Smithpublicity.com.

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