Self Published Books and Authors are Gaining Credibility and Popularity Through Book Marketing

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Book publishing and marketing has been in existence in the United States since publishing began. At that time, it was mostly the task of small local booksellers or printers. As print technology and transportation began to improve, publishers were able to distribute books on a national level rather than just a local level. By the Civil War, publishing had grown significantly. Today, the U.S. book publishing industry continues to steadily grow and consists of approximately 3,000 establishments. Current book publishing options also include worldwide book marketing through modern technology and such marketing tools as Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, online games, and mobile devices. Authors are now gaining credibility and popularity by marketing their own self-published books.

Self-published Books are Gaining Worldwide Acceptance

Self-publishing once meant employing a publishing team (i.e. editor, book designer, cover artist, printer) to publish a book. Authors were, in essence, setting up their own personal publishing houses. They handled the entire book publication process, including printing, distribution, and marketing. This type of publishing, also referred to as independent publishing, was quite costly often resulted in amateurish books. Over the last decade, self-published books are more acceptable as self-publishing has become more credible and professional. Today, thanks to the Internet, authors can upload a word document or PDF file to an online company who will print and distribute the book for them worldwide at an affordable price. Self-publishing (not to be confused with vanity publishing) is gaining more credibility every year. Online self-publishing services have given authors an affordable way to create, publish, and promote their work.

Book Marketing of Self-published Books through Social Media

Authors are turning to self-published books for various reasons including:

  • Continual rejection from a traditional publishing house
  • The desire for full book control
  • A fast turnaround of delivery
  • The ability to keep more of book profits

The advent of the ebook has brought electronic publishing to the foreground, and many authors are now choosing this option for the publishing of their material.

Social media marketing also is becoming more and more popular in today’s digital world. Online book marketing is definitely a viable option for book marketing and an effective way to create a buzz and generate book sales. Social media book marketing allows authors to effectively reach a target market while connecting with readers and fans in online communities. With online marking, authors can build a worldwide reader base.

As an author, it’s important to keep abreast of emerging trends and technologies to gain the best advantage of publishing and book marketing opportunities. Such self-published authors as James Redfield (The Celestine Prophecy) and Peter Bowerman (The Well-Fed Writer) have proven there can be success with book marketing of self-published books.

Loraine D. is a freelance writer for Smith Publicity. Smith Publicity offers effective book marketing of self published books and publicity of their authors. We know how to secure the kind of media exposure formerly reserved only for traditionally published books. From non-fiction and novels to poetry and memoirs, Smith Publicity understands what it takes and can deliver the goods. Visit us online today.

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