Ideas for Online Press Releases

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ress releases do more than just generate media coverage. In today’s Internet Age they also come up in search engine results, drive traffic to websites, and get used as content on other people’s websites.

Since there are online press release services that allow you to issue press releases for free, or at a nominal cost, you should issue press releases yourself using every achievement as an opportunity to raise your visibility and increase your book’s exposure.

Here are 20 ideas for press release topics:

  1. Release of your book
  2. Launch of your book’s website
  3. Any time you hire (even without pay) someone who is helping to promote your book
  4. Each book signing event
  5. Speaking engagements (including radio & television)
  6. Availability of a podcast or MP3 featuring you
  7. Announce an eNewsletter you have available
  8. Milestones for the number of subscribers to your eNewsletter
  9. New features to your website (e.g., RSS feeds, refer-a-friend, etc.)
  10. Website milestones (e.g., 1000 visitors in one month)
  11. Awards won (for your book or website)
  12. Book sales milestones
  13. Announce promotional contests you are running (and, when chosen, the winners)
  14. Joint marketing ventures with other authors
  15. New marketing initiatives (such as advertising campaigns in print, radio, search engines, etc.)
  16. Redesign of your website
  17. New high ranking on or
  18. Release of your blog
  19. Launch of your page
  20. Charitable giving that results from donating a portion of revenue from each book sold

By David Tortorelli

David Tortorelli is editor of Author Insider and serves as president of the book marketing firm, Book Premieres.

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