Your Book Deserves to be Reviewed

After your book has been published, have you thought about getting it reviewed? Being independently published, you might think that a professional book review isn’t necessary. After all, having your book reviewed is a huge risk. Agree or disagree, we are all afraid of honest opinion especially if it concerns a masterpiece that we have been working on for years.

It is important for an author to be noticed. Traditional or self-published. It doesn’t matter. And as an author, you can attract readers by marketing and publicity. Strategic steps are important to your self-publishing success. But it should not stop there. You would definitely need an unbiased view about your book. If you want to be globally competent as a writer, then you should also exert an effort to gain respect and credibility.

A book review is a literary criticism where a book is analyzed and evaluated based on content, style, and merit. Often, reviews are used to strengthen merits or demerits of a book. Reviews are published in magazines, newspapers, and even on online bookstores. Reviews help the public which book is worth the read and which ones are for plain decoration.

Here are reasons why your book deserves a review:

Criticism will always be a part of a writer’s life. Sure you hate rejection and criticism. But there will never be improvements unless you don’t toss your book to the experts of the industry. Book reviews are critical than destructive. Facing criticisms can be real tough. But what’s to lose? Pride?

Risk is a factor for attention. You can never grab the attention of the public without risks. Sure you can invest on a mount of concentrated advertising and marketing campaigns, but it will always come out costly. If you get a promising review, television, radio and other media publicity will go after you even without spending a dime.

Book reviews are strictly strenuous. Reviewers don’t just kill your masterpiece on the first reading. It has to be better than that. Reviewers need to read the book twice or more than twice. The first reading involves an overview, a summary of the reviewer’s impression. On the other hand, the second reading involves note taking that will for the basis of the review.

Getting your book reviewed is the best venue to evaluate. Whether the review is positive or negative, you will realize what venues you should improve. Talk about growth.

Leave it to the experts. Book reviewers did not get their position just because they did. Book reviewers worked hard for what they have become. It’s never their job to plainly scrutinize your work. And they don’t love to destroy your hopes and aspirations of becoming an author. Reviewing books require special skills. They have precise responsibilities. They do their job.

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