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Like in any services, products, or businesses, promoting your E-book is a very important method to carry out in order to acquire much higher sales. As a matter of fact, those E-books with good advertising tactics are always well ahead of the game as they get better sales results. Knowing the importance and advantage of promoting your E-book, make sure to implement a good and well-planned marketing campaign even before you create one.

Get A Mailing List

This is something a person selling digital products online must do so that you can make people aware of your online business and assure them it would be worth their money to buy the product. You have to create a web page wherein people can sign up for your newsletter. Here you should offer them something of value related to what you are selling, for example a free chapter from your E-book or exclusive offers like a discount or a free additional content. It is much recommended to get a mailing list before anyone launches his newly created E-book so that you already have a list of subscribers waiting for the launch of the product.

Set Up A Website And A Blog

Create a website for the sole purpose of selling your E-books there. It is also advisable to list your product in your eBay store. Moreover, setting up a blog and posting your articles there can also help a lot. As you post articles to your blog, make sure you include a link to your E-book website or sales page.

Write Articles

Write articles that are related and relevant to the content of your E-book and then send them out to your mailing list on a regular basis. You may also want to submit them to various article directories or databases to give your product more exposure on the internet as well as to get more back links to your website. Just don’t forget to insert the link to direct the potential consumers on where they can purchase your E-book.

Make Relevant Contributions To Various Forums

Look for significant forums with threads related to your E-book topic and post relevant contributions or comments regularly. Many forums allow people to make their signature link bank to their website. If someone in the forum is asking a question relevant to your product, post an answer using the information from your article or E-book. This way, interested potential customers are more likely to click on your link and be directed to your E-book sales page.

Promote your E-book constantly to make sure that your sales won’t be dead in the water. Keep making and distributing articles, stay in contact with your subscribers, continue improving your mailing list, and keep making contributions to relevant forums.

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