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Now that you have finished writing your book, you are ready to create a marketing plan to market your book. Marketing a book requires work and money. There steps you have to take to market your books the proper way. Sometimes this task might be too much for a person who is inexperience in book marketing, so may have to hire a book promotion professional to help you with your marketing plan.

There are key tactics a professional book marketing person will follow to get your book to be notice by the public. But if you decide to take on this task on your own, has put together a 10 steps to market your book. This article is forbook marketing and book promotion tips for book authors, book publishers, self-publishing authors, POD authors, and e-book publishers who want to sell more books.

Identify Your Book Target Audience

If you know who’s interested in your style of writing, or who could be your potential reader, you will have a better chance of selling more copies of your book. So figure out if your book will appeal more towards women, men or both. Their geographical location is also important with what type of activities you think they are more likely to engage in. once you are able to narrow down your book target audience you can now sell them your book.

Local Marketing of Your Book

Start you book marketing in your local area where you are very familiar with the surrounding. Create print advertisements you think will catch your target audience attention. Once you are able to generate a buzz about your book in your local area, the national and regional media maybe interested.

Create a Target Focused Message

Create a pitch about your book aimed towards specific groups to describe the reason this group should be interested in purchasing your book. When you decide to write your pitch, make it no longer than three sentences that focus on your book selling points.

Network Marketing

We all know the best form of advertising is positive word of mouth. Positive word of mouth will help make your book marketing is easier. Your book marketing plan may have to start with your friends, coworkers, church members.

Media Kit

You have to create a professional media kit to create impression on editors, producers, reviewers or reporters that have your book, so make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

Online Marketing

The World Wide Web has created great opportunities for authors and publishers to find their target audience, and help facilitated the purchase of your book.

Publicizing Your Book

When publicizing your book to any media stay clear from trying to sell your book. Always concentrate on the specialized helpful information your book will bring to whoever purchases the book

Book Competitions

If you are able to enter book competition, I would tell you to enter as many as you can. However, if you are able to win a competition, that would be major endorsement for your book. If you are not sure where to find contest, a simple web search will reveal many sites.

Follow up call

Just like a job interview, you need to follow up with a call to any one to send a media kits to. It is very important. Don’t just send a letter; call the person on the phone. If you have to call several times, I would tell you to do it, just don’t become a pest.


Promoting your book will take a long time, so you have to be persistence on getting your book notice by those who would make decision to buy it. Marketing is tough businesses just be prepared for many rejections.

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