Launches e-Book Conversion Service

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GREEN BAY, WI (06/21/2011) –, one of the strongest pillars of the book marketing industry, welcomes the second half of 2011 with the launching of the e-Book Conversion Service. With a starting price of $99, self-published authors can convert their published books or manuscripts into e-books. The first 100 customers who will avail of the service will receive 100% royalty from’s e-Bookshelf for 6 months. The e-book conversion service is the company’s first tool that involves publishing.

The e-Book Conversion Service gives self-published authors the opportunity to turn their published books or even unpublished manuscripts into digital files. The e-Book Conversion Service has three types of levels, namely: Basic, Standard, and Large. The service requires no minimum number of pages.

“In three years now, we have been providing the best business solutions to self-published authors through our book marketing services. But 2011 will be different. This year will be a bold step to our company; we have decided to venture into converting e-books. Some may consider this as a development, but we, the pillars of, consider this our commitment—to continuously go beyond our limits for the betterment of the self-publishing industry. We definitely look forward for more innovations in the coming years”, explained Don Harold, Marketing Director,

In today’s innovative era, the e-Book Conversion Service would enable self-published authors to reach the digital market.

For more information about the’s e-Book Conversion Service and other book marketing and publicity services, log on to

About is an online book marketing service company, specializing in providing low-cost, high-quality marketing services for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books. Through its unique, inexpensive book marketing services, helps authors promote their published works more effectively and connect to readers in a more effective, more efficient system. employs an experienced team of online marketing strategists, ad copywriters, graphic artists, and web designers, whose combined talents ensure an effective online marketing campaign at easily affordable rates.

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Two Types Of E-book Marketing Strategies

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Electronic Books, or E-books are books with both text and graphics and can be packed full of information. The e-books can be downloaded and read on computers and other electronic devices. These books can be instructional or the digital version of a conventional book.

If a person can read and write, they can create an e-book. Being successful with e-books, however, requires an e-book marketing strategy.

A successful marketing strategy includes both short-term and long-term strategies. Both strategies are essential, but vary greatly in their outcome.

Short-term strategies will bring in temporary awareness to the e-book quickly. Pay-per-click advertising is one form of short-term strategies. This type of advertising targets the particular audience for this e-book. It allows the e-book writer to only pay for the results. Payment is determined by a set amount for each visitor.

Forums are another form of short-term strategy. These forums allow authors to share their experiences to potential customers. While most forums will allow a signature to be added, spamming is not allowed. Care must be taken to not come across asadvertising on the forums.

Another form of short-term strategies are search engines where e-book authors can list their e-book sales page with the top search engines on the Internet.

While short-term e-book marketing is a good way to start, it should not be relied on solely. One needs to couple the short-term strategies with long-term to get the most from their marketing strategy.

Long-term strategies for e-book marketing provide a steady stream of traffic from potential customers that last for years to come.

One form of long-term strategy is E-zines or an electronic magazine. These online publications enable an e-book publisher to build a list of potential customers. These E-zines are emailed on a regular basis to potential customers. This will allowe-book marketing personnel to reach their target group.

Free trial offers of the e-book is a very rewarding long-term e-book marketing strategy. Offering a free condensed version of an e-book draws customers in to what the e-book has to offer. Once they have read a portion of the book, they are more willing to purchase the full version to finish reading what they have started.

One of the most effective long-term e-book marketing strategies is writing articles. These articles are written about the e-book. These articles are written and distributed freely to many different webmasters and editors. The articles should be written on topics closely related to thee-book. There should be a link to the website to purchase the e-book.

E-books can also be listed at various e-book sites. These sites typically pay a percentage of the sales for the e-book. Whatever site an author uses, they need to be very careful to retain all their rights for their e-book.

There are many forms of e-book marketing strategies. When used together they can provide the writer with a successful experience and increase sales. Keeping a log of what strategies are working will help with future sales.

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