Choosing A Best-Selling E-Book Topic


Before you even start writing your first E-book, deciding on the right topic comes first. Fortunately, choosing a topic couldn’t be much easier since people are hungry for information. They are constantly searching on the internet to supply their desire for more knowledge. In this case, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to choose the best-selling E-book topic as long as you know the majority’s demand. Here’s how.

Observe And Brainstorm

Take a look around you and observe what people love to do. Identify what subjects interest them as well as you. Think of the problems that some people may be encountering at the moment. You can even deliberate on the dilemmas that you have recently worked out or the sorts of problems that others have had or could have in the future. There are lots of people on the internet who are trying to find solutions to their current problems. They can be your potential customers.

Moreover, brainstorming a list of problems that you and those around you have had in your lives will give you the idea of what topics others are looking for. For instance, your friend Mary has been finding ways on how to drop off fifteen pounds from her weight. Or lets say your neighbor Mike had lost his job. How did they manage their situations or find solutions to their problems?

Ask Your Target Market

This is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to look for a topic. Do research on popular keywords and explore what is the latest trend. Go to various chat rooms, forums, and discussion boards wherein the members post subject matters that they can discuss. Observe what they are talking about.

You may want to post a thread and inquire about their current complaints and problems. The good thing is they actually respond and tell you what they think. Next thing you’ll know you already have loads of excellent ideas to start with. Through this, you can be assured that there are people who are eager to purchase your solution.

Do Some Keyword Search

This is also a great way to ensure that there’s a market for your chosen subject area. By doing a keyword search you can determine if there are lots of people interested in that specific topic. You can begin your research with a free version of Word tracker. It will show the number of people searching that particular keyword phrase as well as the number of competing web sites for that keyword.

Of course, you want to look for keywords with high traffic and somewhat few competing pages in order for your E-book not to be dead in the water before the market even reaches it. Determining that there is a strong demand for your chosen topic will make your E-book the best-selling in the industry.

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