The Most Underrated — and Most Powerful — Tool in Online Book Marketing

Not too long ago, an author’s dream of getting a manuscript published and distributed rested largely on the hands of the publishing houses. Authors with rejected works had the option to self-publish their manuscripts, although the high cost of this process discouraged many rejected authors from taking this route.

A lot has changed since then. The rise of internet and digital technology has drastically reduced the cost of self-publishing, and has given birth to hundreds of competing self-publishing companies. Now, virtually anyone can turn a raw manuscript into a published book.

But while the process of publishing has gotten easier, the process of selling books has not. In fact, it has gotten harder. The remarkable growth of the self-publishing industry, while initially thought to be a boon to authors, has given birth to a twin problem: an overabundance of published books.

Consider this: Close to 200,000 books were published last year in the United States alone, 80 percent of which are self-published and you can bet a large chunk of these books are for sale. What’s more, the number is expected to rise this year. With this kind of competition, how does an upstart author market a self-published work efficiently?

There are many ways to market a book, but whatever kind of marketing platform an author chooses to adopt, the most vital marketing tool an author can do to boost a book marketing campaign is by owning a well-designed website.

For any author, having a well-designed website is the single most important move in selling a book. A website will serve as a highly credible marketing base for any author, and exponentially increases the visibility, market reach, and promotional power of any book marketing campaign.

A website, when linked to a particular book advertisement or marketing campaign, will greatly reinforce the information and marketing punch disseminated by publicity campaigns, e-mail advertisements, or any other type of online book marketing campaign.

Furthermore, a well-designed website facilitates the connection between the author and the clientele in a professional and convenient method — a very pivotal aspect in today’s book-selling industry.

A website serves an ideal host for an “author blog”, which is one of the most effective — and perhaps most underrated — book marketing tools in the current book marketing landscape. While many authors are not aware of this yet, a well-designed and frequently updated blog webpage effectively translates into avid reader patronage.

The reason is this: books that capture a reader’s interest do not go unremembered, and neither does the author who wrote it. Enamored readers want to get involved. A memorable reading experience makes readers want to know the author, as well as the book’s the themes and back story. They want to know what’s the current and upcoming projects of the author who has so effectively captured their imagination and touched their emotions. As mentioned earlier, they want to be involved. A website will take care of this area with optimum effect.

In addition, “author websites” are regularly visited by the movers and shakers of a wide range of industries. Whether it’s a film producer in search for a new film project, or a businessman in pursuit of revolutionary business ideas (self-help books), a wide range of visitors will be accommodated effectively by a website, which serves as an online organizer. Here, you can list your contact information and other contents, making yourself available to every person in the world at any time.

Finally, a website is hands-down the most cost-efficient book marketing tool. With the recent growth of companies that offer book marketing services, an author can easily own a well-designed website for a couple of hundred dollars.

The bottom line: Before you start waging any kind of book marketing campaign, start your program with the most important tool in the business of book promotion and marketing — and get yourself a website.

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