How to Use Facebook to Conduct Book Marketing Campaigns


Written by: Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Conducting a book marketing campaign on Facebook has become much easier now that Facebook has expanded its features. And more and more people are utilizing this social media platform to promote businesses and brands.

On Facebook you must start with a personal profile account. (Be sure to post a photo to promote your brand and be sure NOT to post the year of your birth in order to protect against identity theft.) But after you get your profile page set up, you can create a group page and then a business (fan) page. Good social media marketers look at this as funnel marketing.

You connect with people first on the personal level, then they join your group to learn more info from you and others, then you funnel them to your fan page to learn about your business and from there to your own website.

Of course, in the meantime you have your own blog feed coming to your Facebook personal page (and into your Twitter account) and you are judiciously using your Facebook updates to let people know about your projects and you are making new friends on Facebook and keeping track of these new friends.

If you want to create a dedicated fan base, you must choose more liberal privacy controls so that people can easily see your profile and ask to friend you. But you do NOT have to put your phone number nor your email on your Facebook profile page. (If people want to privately contact you, they can send you a message through Facebook.).

You should put thought into what you put on your Facebook profile – you want people to get a feel for you without seeming to be all about promoting your book project. You want to include things with which people can relate to you, such as your favorite music.

Note that personal information is NOT private information. Personal information is the name of the rock band you like; private information is if you had a fight with your spouse.

As your update status goes out into your news feed, someone who’s your friend might see your status and in response write on your wall, which is public. The way you could use this to market your book is that you could put into your update status that you are editing the galleys of your book.

Every time you mention the book’s name you’re increasing awareness of it. And maybe a friend will comment on your update, which draws more attention to the project.

Once you’re comfortable on Facebook and have several friends, you should consider starting a group page and/or fan (business page). Group pages and fan pages have different functions and capabilities (which Facebook may change), but both can be used for showing your work projects.

Whether you start a group page or a fan page, let your Facebook friends know that you’ve done this. If you’ve started a group page, ask your friends to become “members.” If you’ve started a fan page, ask them to become “fans.” You can put this info into your Facebook status updates and tweet on Twitter about it.

If you don’t have a large list of friends, it’s probably better to first develop your friends list before creating group pages or fan pages. That way, when you create a group page and/or a fan page, you’ll have a large friends base to notify.

For a book author, it’s important to get the name of your book in front of people and to keep that book name in the public eye. Social media such as Facebook are ideally designed to allow you to legitimately do this. And, yes, it does take work, but so did writing your book. – P.Z.M.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller is a National Internet Business Examiner at as well as a book author, and her power marketing company combines traditional marketing principles and Internet marketing strategies to put power in your hands.

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