7 Quick Writing Tips For Daily Bloggers

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source: http://www.site-reference.com/articles/Internet-Marketing/7-Quick-Writing-Tips-For-Daily-Bloggers.html

Question: How long does it take you write a post? 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes? Personally, it all depends on the topic. Some topics are easier to write about than others.

I think we could all agree on that..

Some posts are easier just to make a quick 5-10 minute video. But, as a rule of thumb.. if it takes me more than 25 minutes to get it down on paper – I’m probably doing too much, and more than likely going off on a tangent.

The main reason readers come to your blog is to get a quick tip, or get inspired by a short story. They want to get in, engage and get out… it’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

Our job as bloggers is to provide them with valuable and useful information they can benefit from right away. With this post or article, I’m trying to accomplish the same thing.

Here Are The Top 7 Writing Tips For Daily Bloggers

Tip#1 is to stay clear with your topic of choice for every blog post. Nothing’s worse than having your readers ask “where is this going?” dead-smack in the middle of the post.

Tip#2 is to understand “Message To Market”. If your target market are beginners, don’t start writing about higher conversion rate on sales pages when they can’t even set up a domain with hosting.

Tip#3 is to create ‘Scannable Content’ just like this one. This helps your readers get the most out of an article even if they just skim through to get the best points.

Tip#4 is to Bold, Italics, CAPS and Underline words and phrases. This helps you direct your readers attention to the most important piece of the post. (for example – the list of tips in this post)

Tip#5 is use subheads INSIDE your post. Most people just write, and write and write and write.. without any breaks.. without anything that can grab your readers attention. Sub-headlines are great because again, skimmers will continue reading if they found a subhead interesting.

Tip#6 is to insert pictures into your blog post. Pictures provide your readers with a visual of what you’re trying to say. (..also an attention grabber)

Tip#7 is to write short paragraphs. I’m afraid of long paragraphs – they just look really looooonnngg.. and when I see them – I run away. Most people are like this, and you’re probably like this too. So, do us all a favor and break up your long paragraphs into short ones.

Trust me, you’re readership will shoot through the roof. This article took me 18 minutes to write. It’s short, sweet and to the point. I also tried to make it really easy to understand.

The last thing we want to make our readers guess what we’re trying to say, so it’s best to just say it.

That’s about it.. You want some more?

Make sure to sign up for the Blogging Blueprint video course. You’ll get 6 video trainings to help you create a better blog.

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Take care & Talk soon,
Hector Cuevas

Hector Cuevas helps home based business owners build their businesses online.

Read more: http://www.site-reference.com/articles/Internet-Marketing/7-Quick-Writing-Tips-For-Daily-Bloggers.html#ixzz0wGyYTCec

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