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This audio-visual presentation enumerates the many advantages of setting publicity and promotions on a higher level—international! Through the Newswire Service, journalists receive the author’s press release as a subscription. The Newswire Service can undeniably raise any self-published author’s book marketing campaign on a stronger and wider scope.

Produced by and for, the video was conceptualized and edited by its own video marketing team.

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Shoestring Book Marketing For The Savvy Self Publisher

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Alright, so your book has just been printed has it, and you’re looking for an affordable option of marketing your book to the online
and offline community, without spending too much of that hard earned
cash all in 1 place? Well if thats the case, this article just may be
of some use to you.

The best way of marketing your book, is the tried and tested, good old fashioned press release method. Whether it be sending out press
releases to newspapers/magazines or sending out press releases on the
internet, press releases can send your book sales sky-rocketing through
the roof in absolutely no time at all, increasing your return of
investment and turning you into 1 exceptionally happy human being when
you see those book sales go through the roof!

When writing your press release you need to take into consideration the person that is going to be reading it, do not, and I mean do not,
write this press release as it is a sales letter because if you do, its
going to be a waste of your precious writing time as the person who
will be reading your press release is just going to disregard it as
they see thousands of book sales letters, each and every year. Don’t
make yours one of them. And make sure you write about fact in your
press release and not fiction.

After you have written your mind-blowing, absolutely incredible press release that is hopefully going to super size your bank balance
because every major newspaper editor wants to do an article about you
and your book, you are going to need to get your press release to the
people who can make this happen.

How? Well..

Research, research, research and when you think you’ve done enough research do some more. Make sure you’re up every night with matchsticks
keeping your eyes open and regular intakes of that ever so addictive
coffee everyone’s talking about that keeps you awake when nothing else

Research what you may ask, well you need to get on the internet and find a list of newspapers which you want to submit your press releases
to, the more the better. Then try and find out who the editor of that
newspaper is because its the editor who accepts the press releases. To
find out who the editor is, is pretty simple because it is usually in
the contact us section of the site, if its not their just take the
phone number of the paper off their website, call the paper and ask if
you can speak to the editor.

Do not underestimate the absolutely imperative value of a great press release for driving your book sales through the roof.

Michael Johnson Self Publishing

This has been written by Michael Johnson from Regent Street Press. Regent Street Press offer an affordable complete self publishing
package for aspiring authors. Please visit their website

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