7 Essential Tips for Book Marketing Campaigns

How should one define triumph in self-publishing? Authors have assorted reasons why they settle on self-publishing. More often than not, a part of the pie chose this nature of publishing because they want the world to read a piece of their mind. There are also others who want to make means out of their writing, while the rest simply want to get their names published. The reasons for self-publishing are broad and varied.

Self-publishing involves monetary investment. That’s the basis why the same kind of concern and importance should be given when you finally get your book out in the market as what you had given during the writing and publishing part because monetary success in self-publishing is accompanied by risk, strategies, and sustainable development plans. Being able to publish your book is definitely not the end of your occupation as a self-published author.

Either two things take place in marketing: failure or success. With the speedy development of technology and the Internet, the art of marketing has become far more complicated than it was. Here are primary and competent marketing strategies that go beyond time and trend.

Take time in getting to know your market. Prosperous marketing campaigns are the result of insightful consumer preferences. When you totally identify the need of your probable readers, it helps you narrow your options on how to convene those needs and build demands. The key is suitable market segmentation. A thoughtfully targeted campaign will definitely enhance the efficiency of your marketing strategies.

Focus on what your book can offer. Often times, we bombard the media with our names and book titles. That’s no way to craft sustainable publicity. Tell the public about what makes your book extraordinary. What does reading your book present that cannot be found elsewhere? You need to creatively tell your market why your book is worth the read.

Integrated marketing works best. You cannot depend on just one form of marketing. What if something goes wrong with your website, what happens then? That is why media mix is critical. Use various media channels to reach out to your market and magnetize feasible readers.

Offer consistent and regular messages. In advertising, redundancy is clarity. Steadiness in your marketing message helps your readers know more about you and your book. Giving your readers an array of messages will only make them confused. Frequency sustains the public’s familiarity.

Conduct initial tests. Perform a dry run your book’s marketing campaign. Testing comes first after everything is laid down. Always accompany Plan A with Plan B. If possible, come up with different versions and test which medium will do best. Tests are necessary to progress your marketing presentation.

Evaluate your campaign. Do in-depth evaluations every after campaign. Evaluations will aid you distinguish your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This will lead to an enhanced marketing campaign the next time you publish a book.

Value author-reader rapport. Besides marketing, focus on building relationships with your reader market. Do not just sell your book, market yourself as an author, too. An example of this is being proactive during book signing events.

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