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Once your book has been written and published, you want to find a way to promote your book that is going to reach as many people in your target audience as possible. There are some things you must know in order to get your books across to readers.

Here are the things you must know when marketing your book, particularly if you are on a stiff budget.

1. To whom you are selling your books?

You need to know who your target audience are, because there is absolutely no point trying to sell your book to people who are basically not interested in reading any book in the first place. If your book is about “How to tell your man is lying in 3 easy ways”, then you market your book on websites where female traffic is heavy.

2. Leave your Mark

Make sure you leave a link to where interested readers can purchase your book in your signature line. You should never send an email without it because it very important. You should also leave a link to your blog, website, newsletter etc. if you don not have a website, this is the perfect time to get one!

3. Use the Magic Word

This might sound crazy but how many people do you know, who do not like this enchanting word – FREE? Yes, make sure you provide a free PDF download of the first few chapters of your book. This is a sure fire way to awaken your readers’ appetite so that they will buy and read the rest of your book. When you use the word ‘free’, you will no doubt interest many people.

4. Start Blogging!

You need to develop a relationship with book bloggers, they will promote your book especially if they find it very interesting, and this of course is not a bad idea. WordPress and Blogger are good starting platform. Blog about yourself, your interests, and what drives you to write your book.

5. Create a Book Trailer

Do not forget to use YouTube to promote your book! Create a captivating video trailer about your book, and do not forget to show your actual book cover design so people can make out what it looks like. Often people will keep in mind what a cover looks like even when they can’t remember the title. So be creative and see what happens.

6. Don’t forget your hometown

While it is true that the internet is an incredible way to reach readers, it should not be the only way! Do not undervalue the power of your hometown. People are thrilled when someone from their hometown writes and publishes a novel; they sure want to be a part of the process of making the book successful. These people can be your best form of advertising. Give a way few signed copies and ask them to pass it on, or to let others know about your book and where they can find it.

7. Sponsor Book Signings

Book signings are another great way to endorse your book and boost sales. Bear in mind it does not simply have to be at the bookstore but perhaps at the local library, community centers or coffee shops in your neighbourhood. Expand to neighbouring towns and cities in your area, which enhances the chance of reaching wider audience and readers.

Remember there are lots of writers out there and it is your job to make sure your book stands out. One thing to keep in mind is when you are trying to reach readers, do not to limit yourself to one venue. Keep exploring the broader possibilities in promoting and marketing your book.

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