How to Market a Book Through Flyers – Top Ten Ways

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A flyer is an excellent, inexpensive way to promote your book and should definitely go on your book selling list for print marketing. Flyers are better than a business card because they have more detailed information on them to help the potential buyer make a more educated decision.

What makes one flyer so much better than another? Use these top10 tips to make your flyer stand out from the crowd for best book sales.

1. Include a colored picture of your front cover.

People want to see what your book looks like. Four-color graphics are great, but not always necessary. If you do it yourself on your own printer, make your book cover background white with colored lettering, so you don’t go through a $35 ink cartridge too fast.

For professional copies, it costs from 39 to 69 cents per copy.

2. Hook your prospective buyers with the headline in the top line of your flyer just as you do for your back cover.

Here’s a few gems: Why Not Publish Yourself? Read About SEX as it Really Is! Imagine Thousands of Readers Buying your Book Next Month! Quadruple your Income in Four Months! Give your audience a reason to buy–Show those benefits in the headline and in bullet form..

3. Include some juicy excerpts from your book.

Prospective buyers want to see a sample of your writing, especially if it’s fiction. Use an analogy or short story to illustrate your book’s main point if non-fiction. Include a few paragraphs, always keeping them short and easy to read.

4. Include your picture with a brief biography near it.

People want to see what the author looks like. Place it on the right side of the flyer if possible. Don’t put all those initials after your name. They don’t sell. Personalize it in one or two sentences. Such as xxxxx helps you manifest your book dream fast.

5. Add good words from others.

Testimonials and reviews are the most significant way to market your book. The praise doesn’t have to be from famous people. Use a man/woman on the street opinion. One client/author added a testimonial from a convict! These can go on the back of the flyer.

6. Put ordering information on a coupon at the flyer’s bottom.

Include your book’s ISBN number, Web site URL, your email, toll-free number and other information you want your reader to know.

7. Make it easy for your reader to buy.

Offer easy ways to buy: credit cards, checks, downloading directly from your website, or money orders. Include your toll-free 800 number. Many prefer a coupon they can fill out and mail or fax.

8. Give your prospective buyers all the ways to stay in touch with you.

Some people will not buy online. While most small business people are web savvy, it’s a good idea to include your street address, e-mail, local phone and fax number, and 800 number.

9. Carry at least 25 flyers with you in a folder at all times.

Keep them in your car, so that when you pass a place that will post them for you, they are handy. Give one to every person you meet. Remember the “law of seven.” After seven exposures, you have a buyer! Flyers are better than a business card because they have more detailed information on them to help the potential buyer make a more educated decision.

10. Use the backside of the flyer.

You really waste this space if you don’t put it to use. Multiply buying results with more testimonials on the back. Include a longer excerpt from your book there. If you offer programs include a few on the back side–with benefits of course.

11. Bonus tip: Send your no cost flyer out by email.

Keep your flyer created in word in a folder called “flyers.” Then you can send by email as an attachment to any email audience.

Your flyer is a detailed extension of you and your book, and one of the least expensive ways to market your book through print. For person to person or business to business, print enough so your book buying public or distributor can easily purchase your book.

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