Rebuts Negative Review and Scamming Allegations

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In the league of business and advertising, competition is rigidly fierce. In the self-publishing industry, you have to be the cut above the rest to generate “buzz” among your consumers and race neck to neck with your competition.

Angela Hoy, co-owner of and Booklocker, published a forum thread entitled “BEWARE OF BOOKWHIRL! -commonly mis-pronounced BookWorld” last May 6, 2009.

The forum thread contained negative reviews by Angela Hoy against, claiming the business entity as a spamming telemarketing outfit that lures self-published authors.

However, would like to point out the following facts:

With the availability of the company’s website,, consumers are given the opportunity and the freedom to directly send concerns and queries with regard to the company’s quality of service. has provided a ‘Feedback Form’ for consumers to inform poor customer communication or unsatisfactory performance. Moreover, visitors can also send questions, suggestions, or concerns through [email protected]. provides these avenues of communication for it vows to continuously uphold its standards, especially to its employees and to the kind of quality they render to potential clients.

We would also like to clarify that all links that contain negative publicity against has remained as allegations in the absence of any proof. It is for a fact that all links posted were authored by individuals who have not experienced any marketing services from would also like to point out that the forums’ thread ‘Whispers and Warnings’ contained hundreds of complaints that was authored by just one person. Our research confirms that the said forum is managed by one person; posting, moderating, and administering forum posts.

Amidst negative reviews and scam allegations, will continue to provide high quality online marketing services. We, at, will stand firm for our clients who have trusted their money and confidence in our capabilities.

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Posted in Response on May 26th, 2010 by admin

Publicity is crucial for every business entity. But whether if it’s good or bad publicity, it is still publicity. Even the oldest and well-established businesses and corporations have their own share of good and bad publicity. Every person is entitled to an opinion. After all, we value the freedom of expression.

Author Lee Goldberg once published an article about He entitled his post, “BookWhirl Can’t Even Sell Itself”. Published last August 2008, the article features Goldberg’s first and only impression about

But contrary to Lee Goldberg’s first impression, we, at strive for excellence in the best way that we can to provide assistance to self-published authors. Despite negative reviews, continues to sufficiently address and accommodate online marketing needs. With cost-efficient marketing tools, self-published authors are given the chance to efficiently market their books even on a shoestring budget.

With our pool of professional web designers and ad copywriters, is constantly providing a series of uptrainings and workshops to consistently render high quality and excellent services.

Here are some of our client’s experiences on our Email Advertisement Campaign. Elizabeth Clayton, author of the book Songs from the Eleventh Month expressed, “A representative called, and I was pleased with the plan he presented to advertise my book… I was most pleased with the write-up and overall layout of my book (ad). I could not have done better myself”. Moreover, Thalia Cayetano, author of Heart-Warming Stories of Love and Miracles adds, “It’s excellent! Nothing more, nothing less. It is superbly written… I am very pleased with the design and layout of the advertisement. It is striking and interesting.”

Furthermore,’s team of Marketing Consultants also undergoes a series of rigid uptrainings on customer relationship skills. That’s how much we value our consumer’s comments and suggestions. is continuously improving and ironing the quality of its business communications. is grateful to its consumers who have extended their commendation on the improvement of our customer communications. Dr. Nate Lowe, co-author of the book To Be Somebody, addressed his experience with’s marketing services, “I am extremely pleased with your services and feel I can recommend you to others without hesitations or reservations. Just continue to provide service to others as you have done for me”.

But above everything else, reserves the highest respects to all of its reviewers. It is, after all, through objective criticism that we find the best room for improvement and sustainability.

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