Choosing the Right Book Publisher

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Summary: shares its insights on how self-published authors can choose the right publishers to work with.

It is every writer’s dream to publish a book. It takes a lot of imagination, sleepless nights, queries, discussions, criticisms, and encouragements, to make that dream of
becoming a published author come to reality.

But after you have come to put your book into one perfect piece comes a dilemma of choosing a publisher and sometimes, this is not even a matter of financial capability. When choosing a
publisher, it all boils down to trust. You would not want to end up loosing
both of what makes up your writing career: dreams and financial investments.

So, when you’re finally done with your book, it is best to do a comprehensive research on self-publishing companies. For one, you can check on credible websites that have reviews on
publishing companies that you are eyeing to work with. You can check out the
Better Business Bureau’s website at to verify a
certain company’s credibility.

Another way of reviewing your potential publisher is to participate on author forum discussions. It is through these online forums that authors meet fellow authors who have published
books and gained full experience on the publishing industry. Be clever enough
to choose whom to believe though. There’s a thick line that between critics who
makes sense and the ones that are plain tormentors giving filthy-biased feedbacks.

Below is a list of self-publishing companies that feature out of the box specials apart from the basic publishing services:

Trafford Publishing

Offers a program called InspireABook for authors who need help organizing their book for publication.

Infinity Publishing

Offers The Author’s Gazette, a free monthly newsletter covering topics on promotion and marketing for self-published authors.

Outskirts Press

Offers a recycled paper option and a free e-book entitled “Self-publishing Simplified”.


Acquired by in 2005, BookSurge enables authors to access the world’s largest online network of sales channels and use sophisticated tools to reach acquisition editors of
large publishing houses.

Instant Publisher

Manuscripts are submitted through the company’s unique online software that enables authors to proofread before the book is sent out for printing.

Bookstand Publishing

Bookstand does not charge extra for e-book services. What’s more is that they allow unlimited number of photos; illustrations and charts for any book publishing
Red Lead Press

This company is does not offer editing or proofreading services. They basically print and ship the books to its buyers within 48 hours.

Omega Publications

Each book goes through 10 quality control checks to assure quality and superiority.

Morris Publishing

The company has a separate division specializing in cookbooks.

48Hour Books

This company features 48 hours of total production time. Authors are also given the chance to convert their files to PDF by downloading their free software.


BookMasters offers biodegradable inks and chemistry, Forest Stewardship Council certified paper mills and, 10%, 30% and 100% post-consumer waste papers.


BookMobile is 100% wind powered and offers a wide variety of post-consumer recycled papers.


Offers a Great Expectations program where books with promising initial sales receive the company’s financial investment and resources for marketing.

Innovo Publishing

Innovo is a Christian-based, family-owned publishing services provider.

Xulon Press

Xulon is a Christian publisher and has a statement of faith. It does not accept books dealing with the occult, New Age belief, pornography, homosexuality and other
subjects condemned by Scripture.

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