Reinforce Your Book’s Marketing Campaign Through Social Media

Social networking sites have drastically changed the face of advertisers and marketers in the past decade. The social media has directly affected consumer behavior. More and more people are exerting efforts to stay connected — whenever, wherever. This is a basic implication that a huge chunk of prospective consumers can be efficiently targeted through social media. It’s every marketer’s hot spot.

Here are 4 ways on how a book marketing campaign can get expansive benefits through participating on social networking sites:

Build strong and extensive connections. Participating on social networking sites involve putting up a personal profile and sharing information. The profile becomes accessible to the public. Thus, it is necessary to fill-in basic and interesting details that can attract prospective readers. By putting up a profile viewable to the public, it widens reader fan base.

Building strong connections means establishing author-reader relationship. Share information through links, photos, videos, or anything that you know can trigger interest and attention. Let your readers feel that you are a real person. Connections make good sources for reader referrals.

Effectively raise brand awareness. The primary goal of a book marketing campaigns is to let the target market know about your book. You can easily increase brand awareness through status updates or news feeds. Write new information or interesting updates about your book. Remember that every time you mention the book’s name you’re increasing your target’s awareness of it.

It’s a venue to offer free information. Social networking sites offer a lot of useful features to share information at no cost at all. People are easily attracted to information, especially when it’s free. By offering free information, you become an asset to your connections, and at the same time, you increase interactions between you and them.

Here’s are quick ways to share information with your connections: (1) Write brief book reviews, (2) Write movie reviews to films that were based on a book, (3) Write informative articles, post them on online article directories, and add the URL to your social networking site, (4) Initiate book discussions on forums and groups that are relevant to your book, (5) Utilize your site’s blog page by writing interesting articles or an inspiring journal entry, (6) Leave fair yet thoughtful comments on other people’s blog posts. (8) Feature a sample chapter on your blog page, (9) Suggest questions for book group discussion, (10) Share links to breaking news and advocacy related tidbits.

Generate free reviews. By giving the public a preview of your book, it allows prospective readers to comment and evaluate your book based on the sample chapters that you’ve posted. Moreover, it also creates a channel to read comments and feedbacks about your book, giving your career rooms for encouragement and growth.

Every self-published author knows that the success of a book involves a thoughtfully planned and carefully executed marketing strategy. But more than having a well-strategized book marketing campaign, sustainable reinforcement is an absolute necessity. Apart from author websites, email advertisements, online listings, and publicity for a book marketing campaign to virally work, it needs extended multiple channels. And this can be best achieved through the use of social media.

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